Contact your MP, Sit Down and have a Discussion about Horse Slaughter

Mare with aborted foal being comforted Bouvry feedlotThe CHDC has created another tool for you to help end horse slaughter in Canada, and that is to “Have a Discussion with your MP”.    The goal is to educate your Member of Parliament.  They are far from aware of all the issues surrounding horse slaughter and it is our job as horse welfare advocates to educate them on the issues.

Just print off a binder full of materials that will show them all the reasons why this industry needs to be shut down and then ask them some questions!

Please read about this initiative here.


  1. Manel Dias · ·

    This type of unethical inhumane practices must be stopped and need to end such brutality against the beautiful and voiceless animals. Why do we support and send our MP’s to the Parliament? They need to listen to the public requests and need to lend the ear to our cries too. Please stop this brutal and unnecessary slaughter of innocent wild Horses. Please be kind and compassionate towards the Planet’s living beings. Please help us save these magnificient creatures.

  2. Thank you! We all must step up and put a stop to this heinous killing of horses.

  3. Heather · ·

    Thank you Shelly for preparing this for us to use. I am printing off my binder and hope to get it to my MP as quickly as I can. Unfortunately my MP is Scott Reid and he is pretty stubborn on this issue as I have written his office several times. Maybe when he sees all this information staring him in the face he will open his eyes and see how horrible this industry is.

    1. Marie Dean · ·

      Exactly Heather! Sometimes having a hard copy means they can’t run away from it and/or say I just haven’t the time to open up my emails, etc. And if you make a binder for yourself, one it is a great reference to have, and two when you get your meeting you can walk through the binder together. They will not be able to stomach what they are seeing or reading. Reality put in a binder! Plus, the staff will most likely be curious as well about the binder and get the opportunity to look and read some of the information as well!!

  4. I live in Oregon, . but I have even seen a video of a white horse in a confined area with a guy with a knife stabbing this horse to death, All the while people in the back ground cheery this immoral crumb on. This video I saw on the internet about seven years ago, to this day it has been in-bedded in my mind and heart. How cruel to kill ANY animal large or small in this matter. This industry needs to stop. So many beautiful horses have lost their lives due to over breeding, loss of jobs, death in the family, divorce. It has taken its toll on these noble steeds. Even old and sick horse don’t need this treatment. I have seen and heard way to many horror stories. Biblical speaking, one is NOT to eat horse, but I realize many are not Christians. I beg and prayer Canada does the right thing. I’m a firm believer that if she does, Canada will be blessed to no end.
    Thank you

  5. Please do not be afraid of government. Their job is all about hearing your views and helping to make this country a better place for all. Your opinion, your views, are important to them. Your Member of Parliament can help end horse slaughter. We vote for them, and it will be “their vote” that puts Bill C-322 into law! The horses desperately need you to speak for them. I have printed my binder at it is at my MP’s office – just waiting now for my appointment. You can do it too!

    1. Thank You Marie Dean!!

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