AQHA still encouraging breeding

Instead of taking a cautious direction, a recent AQHA newsletter highlighted a promotion to encourage more breeding to increase their main revenue stream.

The newsletter can be seen here: AQHA Week of May 27


  1. I think that 80% of horses send to slaughter are quarter horse, papered or not

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    Shocking but not surprising! I’m amazed that so many horse people (owners, racers, breeders etc) simply don’t give a damn about their horses. Once their horses are no longer wanted they are shipped from pillar to post until they inevitably end up at the slaughterhouse! Shame!!

  3. Susan Setzke · ·

    Organizations like the AQHA that were built around the love of a breed of horse and then turn around and totally betray that standard are the worst of the worst. The business model for the AQHA has literally become synonymous with the horsemeat trade. It is pathetic, to say the least, that people and organizations like this can operate with such blatantly disgusting double-standards of betrayal for greed, corruption, and profiteering. It’s time to boycott the AQHA and organizations like them who choose to operate and be funded by blood-money!

  4. Suzanne Moore · ·

    Just proves the AQHA doesn’t care a snap of their fingers about their horses or anyone else’s. What is the matter with these people? Never mind. I know – GREED!

  5. The attitude that registration is just a piece a paper is part of the problem. Good quality registered horses of whatever breed have a higher chance of being resued in an auction situation. All you have to do is pay higher than the market weight per pound to save them from the slaughter pen.

    The percepition that AQHA is greedy and only open for buisness to make money is just crazy. AQHA is a non-profit organization that does have an overhead to pay to serve it’s membership. Staffing, building maintenance costs, office supply are not free to non-profits – there is a cost to keep the doors open. However, AQHA also spends money on funding research on genetic diseases and other allimates that affect horses, more than any other association. They promote free choice and do not condem slaughter, however they have published articles on how to avoid slaugter and implemented Full Circle program. WIth the Full Circle program you can enroll a horse for free that list you as a contact (on any AQHA horse you bred or owned) should a horse become unwanted or ready for retirement.

    1. Suzanne Moore · ·

      In times like these, they should NOT promote breeding. The AQHA has spent a LOT of money lobbying FOR horse slaughter that they should have spent on those WORTHY things you mentioned. I think there are enough QH being bred without PAYING their breeders for more. They don’t just “not condemn” slaughter, they are actively pro-slaughter. Nope, no pass for them from me – FAIL.

    2. Susan Setzke · ·

      Nat, you have got to be kidding. The President of The AQHA was heard bragging that it was one of his lobbyists that got the funding for horse slaughter re-instated in the 2012 FY Budget. Horse slaughter today is about dumping the over-population of horses from over-breeding into an easy dispersal system. In this way, the use and abuse system of over-breeding can continue without consequence for the breeder. The “business model” for the AQHA has literally become the horsemeat trade because it is the registration fees from this incentive to over-breed which generates the majority of the income for the AQHA and associated breed registries. Remember, 70% of horses going to slaughter each year are Quarter Horses and the majority of those are between 18 months to 7 years old. These horses are young, healthy, and even well-trained. The statistics alone paint the picture as well as the losses of memberships in the AQHA due to their corrupt and questionable business practices. Responsible horse owners and breeders act in accordance to the well-being of the horse not how it will benefit the greed, corruption, and profiteering of any organization.

      1. The AQHA’s stance is support the membership on both sides of the fence with multiple programs to allow each individual their RIGHT to choose on the subject. I am very appreciative to not be dictated by association on my personal choices and fully support AQHA’s stance. The AQHA DOES care very much on the care of the horse and have strict rules regarding animal welfare and humane treatement.

        Plus AQHA also has publications available on their website on alternatives to slaughter for “unwanted” horses. Let’s face it not everyone can afford to care for multiple horses. If a horse becomes unuseful – they may need to re-home that horse before able to have another to do what they wanted the horse for. It can be difficult to find someone willing to take a horse such as this, and many do turn to the auction barns. In the publication on their website there are multiple suggestions on how to rehome that type of horse. AQHA also has the Full Circle Program – where you can be a point of contact to any horse you raised or previously owned when a horse needs to be retired or rehomed.

    3. Heather · ·

      Nat I am assuming you own a registered Quarter Horse?? You are out to lunch. I used to follow the show circuit many years ago and stopped because of the brutality and utter lack of concern and care for the horses….it was all about winning!! Many quarter horses were permanently maimed because to enter a Quarter Horse class, if you wanted to win your horse had to LOOK and act a certain way. One of the abuses, and there were many, was to inject alcohol into the base of the tail to make the tail sit tightly against the body….a tail that was raised was a no no…it didn’t look right. Many horses’ tails were permanently damaged where the horse couldn’t even lift the tail anymore because of all the injections….that meant that it couldn’t swish at flies or even lift it to go to the bathroom. For you to go on and on about the good the AQHA does, you need to weigh that against all of the bad, and to promote over-breeding, and you have to realize that the main way of making money is to register new foals…once a horse has been registered it isn’t an income. Open your eyes!!

      1. The key word in your reply is “USED TO follow”. Many things have changed with the AQHA as with many breed associations. Things that were acceptable years ago are no longer tollerated today. The tail blocking you describe will get immeadiate suspention and loss of all AQHA membership rights, privlages and a big fine!

        NO breed registry tells their members to breed horses – it is the privleage of the member to chose to do so. What a breed registery does is promote and preserve the pedigrees of that paticular breed and provide services, shows and venues for the membership. Yes, there are fees involved – nothing is free and it does have a cost to run a non-profit organization. Maintenance of buildings, payment of staff, office supplies, paper, mailing that all costs money.

  6. lindabadham · ·


  7. Debbie · ·

    This does not surprise me and yes it is greed and NO regard to the horses at all!!! When I looked up the President of this Breed I might be judging but he honestly LOOKED like a very GREEDY
    F-T self serving individual….. How sad it is that this Organization is more interested in money then the Breed they supposedly love, yeah right!! One of my horses is an Arabian and I wrote to them that I will NOT be registering him to an Organization that endorses horse slaughter that piece of paper means nothing to me as much as my horse does, and I hope more folks in AQHA will do the same because it won’t change until people stop endorsing this behavior……. WAY to many Quarter horses there is NO EXCUSE, disgusting is what it is………………………….

  8. Shelley Bryant · ·


  9. For AQHA it’s all about money and nothing else….. There are so many QH’s now that there is absolutely NO prestige in having them … as it was years ago!

  10. GAsafehorses · ·

    Disgusting! 100 good reasons not to overbreed to send more horses and foals to slaughter. I will not join this org because it encourages overbreeding.

  11. Many big Quarter horse breeders have moved to Kentucky due to the incentives paid by the state to breed.

    1. MorganG · ·

      UGH! wrong on sooooo many levels

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