One Horse’s Last Steps

This is a new video from the CHDC.  It’s not graphic, just very sad as it shows what happens every day to innocent horses who, at the hands of the humans who betray them, end up in the slaughter pipeline.

We gratefully acknowledge Animals’ Angels and Tierschutzbund for permission to use their footage to enable us to tell the story of this horse and the countless others who take their Last Steps in the slaughter pipeline.


  1. As sad as this is We as horse owners are partly responsible in that we are indiscriminately breeding millions of horses each year adding these to an already flooded market! We are in a horrible economy, horses are an expense many people can no longer afford. so… STOP breeding your horses.If you cant market what you have why are you making more? Horses are quickly catching up to the dog and cat overpopulation, so many have no home or bad homes. Clearly the horses in this video were Paints, thought to be a very “marketable ” horse.. well maybe this is no longer true, so stop breeding.
    Also Canada is one of the biggest producers of Premarin, stalling mares day after day collecting their urine, their foals are merely a by-product,Think about what happens to these horses. Is that any way to live? rescue starts at home. Be a responsible horse owner!

  2. Zephr · ·

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    1. How about the cows, pigs and chicken?

  3. I dont, understand this…. The same (even worse) goes for cows, pigs and chickens yet nobody seems to care about that.

    Is it just because it is a horse?


  5. stephanie anne · ·

    Their sell what looks like horse under safeway brand stake and bacon in Calgary 8StreetSW. Sickest beef i ever saw..grrrr cowboy.

  6. It would be really great if each person who commented on this video also sent a CC: of those comments to their local MP and their Prime Minister/President, local or provincial horse council. Saving a horse’s life depends on it.

  7. Maureen · ·

    This is beyond sad..these are sweet horses who so did not deserve to young and they did NOTHING to deserve this! This is horrible. This has to stop now..really right now. The SAFE act in the U.S. and Bill C-322 in Canada..please stop this now…the poor horses.

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  9. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I sent Sinikka Crosland a email to ask her if she noticed any drop in the number of horses at the slaughter plants. I know that after horse meat was found mixed with beef the slaughter plants were turning the trucks back because of fewer orders were coming in from Europe. This video was taken in 2012 so this is going to be interesting as to what she says. I hope their orders dropped 100%.

  10. Most striking about these horses is how big and strong they are – no old, sickly-looking ones here. One of the myths of slaughter is that it is only the old and infirm who are sent. Not true at all. Some paint breeder dumped a lot of horses off at the auction. The breeders are the ones who should die. Canadians who allow this plant in their back yard are pricks too.

  11. eva Schneider · ·

    I have no more tears God help them

  12. Anne Streeter · ·

    Such a thoroughly shameful business!! Too awful for words!

  13. I don’t see these people buying any horses they went for 600 if they care they could buy them, I don’t like horses to go for meat but in real life they are the one who put the price on the horses I bought some horses and ponies in Oxle Ontario paid 300 each very wild bring them to Ottawa taught them slowly to ride and I am giving them for lest than I paid for around 250 or 150 very nice horses so they would make some one happy but a round belt of hay 80 vet to go home 75 grain 20 who can keep up with that also you can see the best farm land destroyed I love horses and I have over 15 bought at auction I came from Cuba with nothing in my pocket bought two farms working hard If I did everybody could do it, action talk lauder than words so don’t be hypocrites and buy horses that way they would be happier and it wont be room for horses killer.

    1. There just aren’t enough people like you in the world, Javy. God bless you over and over.

  14. Looking at these beautiful horses,( in fact they look like mine). What it felt like to my heart, this so sickens me. They were someones pet, champion and they trusted people. Then to betrayed, by a heartless and frighting people all for foreigners to eat horse. I realize most people are NOT Christians, but biblical speaking humans are NOT eat horse. I pray for for the safety of all horses that are coming down the slaughter pipeline.

    1. Peppermint · ·

      Amen to that. Still have tears; what a horrible waste!

  15. jean robertson · ·

    It isn’t the kill buyers who are to blame. It is the breeders who over breed and the owners who discard their animals for a few bucks or beer money.

    1. Peppermint · ·

      As the owner of 2 OTTBs saved 10 years ago from killer buyers I disagree with you. These buyers could care less about the horses they take to slaughter. They have a special place in hell.

      1. But how did those buyers GET the horses? They got them because of shitty owners. Look at the root cause. Blame the person who threw the horse out with the trash, not the garbageman.

  16. This $hit has got to STOP!

    Tks for sharing, may we conquer the evil, once and for all ! ~

  17. pattyhamilton · ·

    These beautiful horses get sent to slaughter like they are pieces of garbage. It makes me so sick. These kill buyer bastards are heartless and would probably sell their daughters’ to the highest bidders.

    1. Peppermint · ·

      Agreed; what a horrible waste of horses.

  18. Such *Beautiful* Horses!! …

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