Saving Holly: Destined for dinner tables, Star joins race to rescue drug-filled mare from slaughter

By Mary Ormsby/Dale Brazao
Toronto Star

Holly at lalondesStar investigation: When the Star learned the striking paint mare with one blue eye had entered Canada’s food-slaughter pipeline even though prohibited drugs linked to cancer and bone-marrow disease in humans were pumping through her body, the race to bring her home was on.

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Here’s a video showing Holly being taken from the kill buyer’s lot.


  1. karen123 · ·

    There has to be laws against horse/equine slaughter just as there are laws to protect cats and dogs. It is very unlikely that “wild” horses and donkeys are medicated/drugged, but they still shouldn’t be going to slaughter. Also, the slaughter of horses encourages breeding and irresponsibility and cruelty. If people know that they CAN’T just get rid of a horse, they’d be less likely to breed horses in the first place. Same thing with people who get donkeys to protect livestock, then just ship the donkeys off to slaughter. If you CAN’T just get rid of a donkey that easily, then breeders have to be more responsible. Also, former owners (race horses, carriages horses, etc.) should be be jailed for allowing their horses to go to slaughter, just as dog owners would be jailed. Do you really think the people involved in horse slaughter aren’t involved in violence against women, sex trade, drugs, etcetra? Lastly, there should be government funded horse/equine rescues — look at all the jobs that would be created!

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The government in Canada don’t want to turn loose of the millions of dollars it collects in taxes from horse slaughter. That is one of the reasons it makes no effort to really investigate the so called passports to check for fraud and the secrecy concerning the passports. I also don’t believe they put to much effort into testing the horse meat for drugs either. The claim that only a few have tested positive is a out and out lie. The USDA in the US was only testing, I believe, a few fat samples instead of the kidney where the drugs are metabolized. I hope the EU don’t go along with these lies and does stop US and Canadian horses from being killed.

  3. Zephr · ·

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