Alert! Horsemeat risks and government accountability up for public scrutiny

The Toronto Star has unveiled the startling results of an investigation that reveals, once and for all, the fragility of Canada’s food safety system involving horses.

Holly at lalondesThe compelling story of a rescued horse, “Holly”, appeared in the Star the next day, on May 25, 2013.   This story reveals the ease with which drug-positive horses can enter the food chain.

Based on evidence discovered by independent investigators, we call upon our supporters to demand answers from their Members of Parliament.  It is time for all heads to come out of the sand and for the Canadian government to support Bill C-322 and initiate an end to the slaughter of horses – animals who have not been raised in accordance with food safety standards.

Your letter to your Conservative or Liberal MP can be as simple as:

Dear ________:

The following is a link to an article in the Toronto Star, and as your constituent I am asking you to read it thoroughly.  Please provide me with a valid explanation as to why human health is of so little value to the Canadian government that horses continue to enter the food chain.  One investigation after another has revealed that the EID system is not a satisfactory safeguard against toxic drug residues being consumed by humans:

Your prompt attention to my concerns would be appreciated and, as your constituent, I request that you support Bill C-322, an act that would end the slaughter of horses in Canada.

Yours truly,


If your MP is with the NDP or Green Party, your message should indicate appreciation of his/her support:

Dear __________:

Thank you for your support of Bill C-322.  As your constituent, I am proud of MP Alex Atamanenko’s initiative to end the slaughter of horses in Canada.  Numerous investigations, including a recent article in the Toronto Star, that the slaughtering of horses for human consumption puts lives at risk.   It is time to end this practice.

Yours truly,


Please go here to find contact information for your Member of Parliament.


  1. Suzanne Moore · ·

    As an American, I plan to send this to my Congress people too. Also to the Secretary of the USDA. Your system is certainly better than OURS – which is nothing – and ask them if we’re just going to sit on our butts while all this plays out in Canada, knowing our horses are more likely to be toxic than yours. We have the de-funding on the USDA inspections of horse slaughter plants back in the Ag Appropriations Bill which would pass IF our utterly dysfunctional Congress EVER PASSED ANYTHING!
    Then, there is legislation pending in both Chambers – the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act which will ban horse slaughter in the US AND ban transport across borders for the purpose of slaughter. But, as I say we have these “Tea Party” super-conservatives in control of the House and all they do is block everything just to be blocking it.

    It”s hard to believe they would just leave everything to Canada, but that’s what they’ve done so far. I really do believe all the politicians – well most of them – are hoping the EU and Canada and Mexico will do all the work, and they can still tell their Deep Pockets Beef Lobby that it’s not THEIR fault horse slaughter got axed.

    I will share this with them anyway – if I don’t go stark raving mad first.

  2. ann fox · ·

    I received an email back from one of the reporters when I sent her a thank you for caring. I have posted both the articles on Conservative Bruce Stanton’s face book page. No matter how much info you put there he still says horse meat is safe, & I have posted many, many different articles. I have asked him time & time again in emails ect & the response is ALWAYS the same. He is a mental midget who thinks horse slaughter & GMO’s are good for the planet.

  3. WE need as many supporters/members and horse-advocates,ect to send their EMail in, for the Horses….
    I just did and its a perfect time to attach the Toronto Star Link. Easy as 1,2,3

  4. Zephr · ·

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.

  5. Sue S · ·

    Not sure if this was mentioned in previous posts – please encourage people to thank the Toronto Star and their reporter for running this story. We need more media coverage like this. Thanks again to CHDC for all that you do.

  6. I’ve written a blog post about this article. So much more needs to be said and done.

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