Star Investigation: Drugged horses slipping through ‘inadequate’ food system

By Mary Ormsby and Dale Brazo
May 23, 2013

BSBThe horse “passport” Canada relies on to keep toxic meat off dinner tables around the world is open to fraud and error, a Star investigation has found, confirming the findings of an international audit.

Please read the complete article here.


  1. Zephr · ·

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Donikash, perhaps you have something worth looking at further re. Toronto Star. I wonder if those who consume Horse meat in Europe have access to these articles in their news papers? They could read the REAL damming facts surrounding this CORRUPT and PREDATORY industry supported by the Conservative Govt. in opposition to a MAJORITY of Canadians.

  3. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Oh sure, we all believe you CFIA ” Top priority is food safety”….lol…….$$$

    Meanwhile, again worth repeating CP24 Television headlines….Fri. May 24, 2013
    ‘ Canada threatens ” Retaliatory Measures” re: New meat labelling regulations
    required by United States.’

    So glad our Prime Minister has greeted Panda Bears, attended Margaret Thatchers funeral,
    and told certain PC company he hasn’t been happy lately…maybe him and Duff could catch up on talking expenses again soon with a bottle of wine, and a nice horse steak……Vomit!!

  4. Barbara Mutter · ·

    The Canadian food inspection agency is a failure and a disgrace. All vet universities need to step up to the plate and become responsible for tracking drugs administered to horses. Whenever a vet gives a client bute etc. the owners name should be registered. When I purchased VitaminE and Selenium from a local tack shop,I was registered with the government thru the computer system. There is enough tech knowledge to track drugs sold to vet clients. If a horse can be caught and haltered, there is a 95% chance that it has received drugs with in its lifetime, even as a foal. It is that easy. An unhandled, unhaltered horse will have not been given drugs. It is not rocket science, it is commom sense.

  5. Donikash · ·

    THANK YOU TORONTO STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have called out the CFIA for their role in the abetting low life killbuyers/slaughter house owners and their complete disregard for Canadian law and the safety of consumers. The EID has to be the most cynical of processes ever developed and supported by the Canadian government.

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