MP Atamanenko and CHDC question the Government

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In an attempt to clarify and understand the Government’s position on the business of horse slaughter, on behalf of the CHDC, MP Alex Atamanenko submitted these Order Paper Questions which were entered into the parliamentary publications on May 9, 2013 (Q-13682).  Click on the left image and scroll to the bottom for Q-1368.

Because it’s a bit difficult to read click here for an easyread version of the Order Paper questions 

MP Atamanenko is responsible for tabling Canada’s Bill – 322, An Act to Amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption).

Read more about Bill C-322 and its predecessor, Bill C-544 here.

Order Paper Questions may be submitted by Members of Parliament on specific days and are formally presented by an MP.  Once submitted, the questions are entered into the parliamentary journals.   If the MP designates that a response from the Government is required in writing the Government has 45 days to respond.  Failure of the Government to respond within this time frame is automatically referred to a Standing Committee.   Further information on Order Paper Questions can be found on the Government of Canada’s web site here.

We eagerly await the Government’s response.


  1. Zephr · ·

    Reblogged this on Loki’s Gift.

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Thankyou for sharing, but lets not forget that Parliament will recess for summer I believe on June 21. This may affect a response from Ritz until they return.
    If the issue happens to move to the AG. Committe the form will surely be Conservative DOMINATED.
    With the recent PATHETIC Conservative performance in Parliament, answering questions the PUBLIC may have to wait a LONG time for ANY MEANINGFUL response.

  3. Guess “no-body” knows exactly, what is going on at the moment….? via/ (c) what restrictions effective in 2013 will be imposed upon the Canadian horse meat industry by the EU, (i) what is the anticipated impact of these restrictions on the frequency and type of drug residue testing on horse meat in Canada as well as on the data required on Equine Information Documents (EIDs), (ii) will the restrictions on prohibited/non-permitted drugs be further tightened; <- – – – –

    BUT, will we ever be answered, god knows? I hope, all this underground buisness will just fall apart…

    TKS for sharing

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    This is good information to know here in the US because it lets me and others know a little more about just what is going to be done about the drugs in US horses going to Canada for slaughter. What’s going to happen about all of this in June when the passports or some other identification has to be submitted when the horses arrive at the slaughter plants? There has been so much fraud in all of this just how are they going to clean it up? That’s questions that CFIA needs to answer right up front.

  5. Laureen · ·

    Yes, and I would like to see an answer about inspections at the airport, why horses were stuffed into small boxes to be shipped to Japan? That was so heartbreaking to see! I wonder if the persons who put them in the boxes have any nightmares or regrets doing that to the horses?

    1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

      Scorno in WA state invented those torture boxes.

  6. Theresa Nolet · ·

    Excellent questions. think I will print off and ask a few of them to my local M.P. as well.

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