Sign Campaign for Bill C-322 – Prizes to be Won!

Our newest campaign for promoting Bill C-322 was conceived by Marie Dean, CHDC’s Business Development Manager.  This campaign has a potential country-wide reaching effect – and its success depends on your creativity!

We are calling on your inventive ways to inform and rally your community around Canada’s anti-slaughter legislation for horses, by making use of this image

Create a lawn sign, make a poster, create a window sticker or car magnet – the options are endless!  You may consider using Vistaprint.  They offer dozens of options for printed apparel, signage, magnets, stickers and other promotional items, and are very reasonably priced.

Send us photos of your creations and receive a free CHDC lapel pin, as well as have your name entered into the draw for a lovely handmade quilt, made and generously donated by Janet McClure.  Go here for more details.

The campaign will run until October 13th – lots of time to get your messages out across Canada!


  1. Manel Dias · ·

    Please spread the word across the country. Many people they are aware of how much these animals have done to protect the mankind. They were sent to front lines in the Wars. First and second world wars hundreds and thousands of horses sacrificed their lives on behalf of these ruthless humans. Unbelivable now the generations to come these very same so called mankind is going aginst these gentle animals. Such people are Barbarians. Wake up Canada. Do the rightful thing to save and protect these gentle creatures. This is Criminal and ethically wrong to murder these Horses. The world has changed. Need to introduce new laws and new practices. Throw the out dated laws behind. Move forward and show the world that we human being care about every lving being which belong to Mother Earth.

  2. However wonderful it would be to educate the public through the media, we would have to educate the media first, because it takes a dedicated reporter to find the truth and expose it, and many do not want to invest the time, and many do not want to risk their jobs by exposing something that might get them fired. The truth can be costly. Exposing a corrupt agricultural department can be costly, but it is necessary!
    This campaign is meant to bring awareness that there is a bill in parliament that with end horse slaughter. This bill is such a gift to us and our horses and it tells the world that Canada may slaughter the horse now but they are seriously considering the facts surrounding such activity and questioning this industry! We need to talk about this! This campaign image will help us talk about it. This campaign image is just another tool that the CHDC is using and offering for anyone interested in helping to end horse slaughter.
    I have used this image as a lawn sign; see CHDC Facebook for a picture. Yesterday, my equine vet came out to do teeth and we had a chat about horse slaughter that was started all because of the lawn sign, and then I had a lawn mower service guy come out and he signed the petition after asking me how he can help save horses. It works!!
    I also have this image as a sign that I keep in my truck when it is in a parking lot. It certainly helps provide shade for the inside of my truck but I have also had two sets of people ask me about the sign and I again, gathered signatures for the petitions. It works – you must try it for the horses! Celebrate this campaign with us by sending in a picture of how you used this image, to help motivate others, and to help us continue to campaign to save the horses! Thank you.

    1. Linda Partain · ·

      I don’t think you can actually get horse slaughter stopped totally,but I do think that they should be controlled to be humane,which according to those pictures they are not.Would it be possible to get people to picket with signs at these places?

      1. It is impossible to humanely kill a horse for the production of a meat product. Bill C-322 will end horse slaughter in Canada. I have faith that it will be passed and made into law! I am sorry Linda that you do not share such faith. You can picket with signs whereever you want as long as you fall within the law of protesting. Good Luck!

  3. Linda Partain · ·

    Can’t someone get this subject on some television news stations?

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