From time to time, the investigative team of the CHDC examines the extensive archive of footage that we’ve received over the years from various slaughterhouses.

We’d like to draw your attention to footage captured in July 2011 at Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation.  In the photographic evidence was a single EID for one horse, a mare.

Gatineau horseThis 10 year old mare appears to have been brought directly to the plant for slaughter by her callous owner, LF of Gatineau, Quebec.

The EID shows that LF had owned this mare from August 12, 2004 until July 7, 2011, when the animal was unceremoniously dumped at the plant.

LF, if you’re reading, know this.  We had to view the slaughter of 164 horses who were killed July 13th & 14th, 2011.   We can’t say for sure exactly which horse out of the nameless 164 who were brutally executed over the two days she was, but we have no doubt that we saw your faithful mare in her death throes.  We can only say to you, how heartless can you be?

From what we’ve read about you, you are a well-paid professional who could have chosen a kinder, more dignified end of life for her – yet you chose to get a few hundred pitiful bucks for her life.

Shame on you.


  1. Peppermint · ·

    My personal opinion based on the way I keep my horses until they pass is that if you cannot humanely euthanize your horse at the end of its life… you do not deserve to enjoy its company.

  2. I agree with everyone on board here.

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    It would be interesting to know if this BARBARIAN has replaced this young animal.

    1. Yes Dennis, u have a point. I have a 26 yr old Arab mare that is granddaughter to Bask,. She won many trophys from her former owners then dumped her to be a lessons horse and now I have her and can’;t ride her because she has arthritis. My ex said if he took her he was going to put her down. I gave up my beautiful trail riding horse to save her. I DON’T regret it a bit. She is very sweet. I do have a beautiful young qh mare that I recently adopted from the KP.She is being evaluated today for possible training.

      1. Laureen · ·

        Good thing he is an EX, very callous of him to say that he would have her put down. He needs a few lessons in life! I am glad you are giving her a chance to live out her life as it should be!

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    I will bet that if a camera could be set up across from this slaughter plant that was hidden from view of the public you might be surprised at the high number of people that do this weekly. As far as I know the auction house charges a fee the owner has to pay to auction any animal brought in,
    Doing it this way don’t cost the owner a cent.

  5. Why anyone would knowingly send an animal to such a cruel death is beyond mere comprehension. One of the things that the internet has exposed is just how many sick folks there are – it’s astounding.

  6. Maureen · ·

    Women can be heartless too about horses…the poor horse! Ten years old is not old! No horse deserves to die!

  7. Karin · ·

    I joined this site a few weeks ago and think that you are doing an amazing job of bringing to light what is happening nationally into the public eye. As a woman and an owner of two horses I am completely outraged by the insensitivity of what should be responsible pet owners. Owning horses is commitment for life and niether of our horses will ever be on a truck for the slaughter house as they are members of our family and we love them dearly.

    1. That’s right Karin, my two horses are part of my family too. There like big puppies. I love them. 🙂

  8. Frosty · ·

    Horses are our heritage and no need to be slaughtered they always will find a home and help from good people and there are more good than bad people. No to horse slaughter NOW or EVER!

  9. Frosty · ·

    The person or persons that did this shame on you—- that is so heartless—-Karma!!!!

  10. This so sickens me to the core, I really truly believed that Canadians, were good people. well you really have blown that one out of the water. I know better now I would have taken that horse. No need to slaughter nice horses and there is NO need to be cruel. If one can so easily hurt or kill and animal, they will also do so to humans sooner or later. Please do some soul searching.

  11. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    Oh, shame on her indeed!! I can think of a lot more choice words for her than heartless.

  12. Selfish, no-heart lady… ;( What is she doing with Horses/Pets anyways, if she does not love them! Oh yes, the money$$$ of-course!

  13. Deborah Tiffin · ·

    Thank you for calling this owner out. Please get this out by any means possible. I wish so much you’d give us the name. Isn’t is a public record at this point?
    I could say quite a bit to this money-grubbing jerk, but I will say, Karma’s a … well I think we all know.

    1. No, unfortunately, it’s considered private information as the EID now belongs to the plant. This one was so disturbing because it certainly appears that the mare was brought directly to the plant as there is no “Agent” info, meaning that a kill buyer did not bring the mare there. There were also others that appear to have been brought directly too. So sad, so unnecessary and cruel.

  14. he is NOT a professional, that term is reserved for those w/honor who’ve earned it. He’s a greedy s.o.b. and most likely wealthy, my experience w/people like this is, the reason they are wealthy is because they will do ANYTHING to make, or save a dollar, and are very tight with their money as well…..

    1. Actually, LF is a woman which makes it even harder to stomach.

    2. Anne Streeter · ·

      I think you are right on that one. I often find that the wealthiest are the least generous.

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