Upcoming auction- Grunthal, Manitoba

Upcoming auction at Grunthal, MB on May 25th.  Click here for details.

In 2010, undercover footage showed sick and injured horses at this auction.

Click for video

Click for video


  1. I can’t bear to watch another horrible video of horses or (any animals) tortured and killed. This so breaks my heart, but you know horses lots of horses get all kinds of stuff that people just should’t eat, personally I’m so sick and tired of this awful cruel industry, I hope all of them get sick and chock.

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    Absolutely nothing right about this business! It has to be stopped!

  3. Allison · ·

    I live in Manitoba and I just can’t go to the Grunthal auction. I wanted to go look at some tack but I realized if I saw those horses I would go crazy. One day when I have the money I will go outbid all the meat buyers!!

  4. Oh this video breaks my heart. You were in pain and discomfort sweetie and people just don’t care. I am sorry! We are trying to end this industry filled with suffering – we are trying! 😦

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