DO YOU WANT MY VOTE? Bill C-322 Postcard Campaign

Thanks to a great idea and generous donation from supporter Dennis Davey, the CHDC is excited to announce a new campaign that will send 1,000 messages to Canada’s MPs with postcards that can be mailed postage free.

Here's what the postcard looks like.

Here’s what the postcard looks like.

All we ask is a nominal donation to cover postage and handling, and we’ll send a minimum 5 postcards for you to distribute and mail out.  With a strong message asking  DO YOU WANT MY VOTE?, these postcards are a compelling reminder to your MP to support Bill C-322, Canada’s anti-slaughter legislation for horses.

Find your MP using your postal code here.

This campaign will end June 21st when Parliament ends for the summer recess, so get your requests in to  and donate through the PayPal “Make a Donation” button on this page.

Remember to provide your name and address, and we’ll get your postcards mailed out ASAP.

Let’s end Parliament before the summer recess with a show of solidarity for our horses!


  1. Debby M · ·

    My cards were in the mailbox when I got home today. They are wonderful..great quality too! This is a great idea..thank you.

  2. Paula · ·

    Please stop horse slaughter in Canada and the export of horse meat

  3. Laureen · ·

    I will be sending one to Gerry RItz, I hope he receives thousands.

  4. Wonderful Dennis. Thank You so much

  5. Sharron R · ·

    Is this just for people in Canada?

    1. Hi. Yes, this campaign is for Canadian citizens residing in Canada as it’s directed to our Members of Parliament. Thank you for your interest maybe you could do up something like this in the U.S.! 🙂

  6. Get campaign! Thank you Dennis for your kindness and your passion – we love you!

    1. I meant to say “Great Campaign”!

  7. Denise · ·

    Yes, thank you to Dennis!

  8. Thanks so much Dennis!

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