Thirty horses die in I-81 tractor-trailer fire

These horses were being shipped to Richelieu Meats.  We can’t even begin to imagine the pain and suffering of these poor animals.

11:18 AM, May 7, 2013

TOWN OF LISLE — Thirty horses on their way to a Canadian meat plant perished in a Monday night tractor-trailer fire on Interstate 81 in the Town of Lisle, according to state police.

 At around 8 p.m., driver Clarence J. Phelps, 56, of Watertown saw flames coming from the passenger side of the vehicle, police said. Phelps pulled to the shoulder just south of the Cortland County line and tried to extinguish the blaze, but was unsuccessful.

 By the time state police arrived, the vehicle was engulfed in flames. The Marathon Fire Department responded and put out the fire.

 Thirty horses, being transported from Shippensburg, Pa., to a rendering plant in Massueville, Quebec, died in the blaze.

 The preliminary investigation indicates that the fire started after a passenger side fuel tank malfunctioned.

 The New York State Department of Transportation and Broome County Sheriff’s Office also assisted the state police at the scene.

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  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    I recently sent a letter to Premier Wynn of Ontario, as I understand she will also hold the portfolio for Agriculture. I stated that it was OBVIOUS that breeders in Ontario cannot RESPONSIBILY regulate themselfs, thus being part of an ongoing problem that supports Horse slaughter instead of being part of a reasonable solution. I suggested she look at regulating breeders in Ontario, where by a cost would be associated with new born foals, and further a cap be put on the number of foals for each breeder. Should the cap be exceeded there would be a SUBSTANTAIL monatary penalty perhaps along with other punative measures. The income generated from the program could be used towards supporting a retirement or adoption iniative, education and HUMANE EUTHENASIA .I Sent my letter on March 15, requesting a reply to the SUBSTANCE of my letter, less any political spin, and will remind her with a copy should I not receive a CREDITABLE RESPONSE from her.

  2. I forgot to mention. Some countries that eat horse meat consider it quite tasty. Remember some countries are starving. I continually hear stop the slaughter but I don’t hear the solutions. For everyone who thinks I am mad, yes I am. I am also a horse owner and when it comes time, like I have in the past my horse will go to slaughter (my choice).

  3. Maybe we do need to stop the slaughter. Now what do we do about all the back yard breeders who add horse after horse to this country. We have more horse’s in North America now than we ever have had. People can’t take care of the horses, the prices are low because of the backyard breeders. Is it okay to turn your horse loose in the forest, mountains or a farmers back 40, NO. If someone could answer the questions, what to do with the old, crippled, injured, etc., let me know. When the dairy and beef farmers have no hay for sale what will we do?

  4. Susan · ·

    Even the local news are repeating the misleading word, rendering. It’s slaughter for human consumption, and it needs to stop.

    We are hearing the truck operator has a history of safety violations, typical with the bottom feeders in the horse slaughter trade. These transporters are as callous toward the safety of families sharing the roadways as they are to the horses, apparently.

    This can – and will – be outlawed. Please spread the word – Wed May 22 SAFE HORSE NY. A rally and lobby day at the NY State Capitol – Albany NY.

    NY voters oppose horse slaughter. We are asking our state legislature to join New Jersey in passing the state bill that would stop the dangerous and brutal transport through NY to Canadian slaughter houses, and prevent horse slaughter in the state.

    More info about NY bill and SAFE HORSE DAY NEW YORK here:

    We need to direct our energy to our legislators, letters to the editor, invite our friends who have not called legislators to help out.

    Thank you!

  5. penny wyatt · ·

    How on earth do we stop this horrendous disrespect of such beautiful animals who helped men and women build homes and towns and transported supplies snd families and plowed fields and so much more! There is no more humanity and I am embarrassed to be a human being! There is no more compassion as monetary gain is the only purpose of the human race! It disusts me!!! Those poor soulfull besutiful hotses deserved so much better…..Horses should be honoured…not slaughtered!!!

    1. Susan · ·

      We stop it by directing our energy to where it counts – legislators, letters to editor, bring more voices on board.

      It’s great to preach to the choir, but all the years of doing that hasn’t ended horse slaughter. We need to work strategically to get the truth out, and demonstrate to our legislators the power of the over 80% of American voters who want horse slaughter stopped.

      Every day I meet people who say they want horse slaughter stopped, who post on forums, and feel bad for the horses, who have never called a legislator. We can’t afford to do that any more.

      With the beef scandal in Europe, the bad news on banned drugs in US horses going to Canada and Mexico, and now this, we may be at a tipping point to declassify horses as food animals, once and for all.

  6. Maureen · ·

    This slaughter has to stop these poor horses never would have died so horribly had slaughter been outlawed..They would never have been on the truck

  7. Anne Streeter · ·

    This is horrendous news. There is nothing good about this business! These horses were being shipped to my province – Quebec. This particular horse slaughterhouse was the subject of an undercover expose of unthinkable brutality. For those who say they love horses but don’t have a problem with slaughter I suggest they wake and smell the coffee! This is an incredibly nasty business!



  9. Donikash · ·

    Sickening. When will the government care?

    1. penny wyatt · ·

      Never!!!! The government is as guilty and shameless as the ones who murder these beautiful creatures…..all creatures! The ones who govern have no souls!

  10. pattyhamilton · ·

    This should not be happening but is. Stop shipping horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. This should be outlawed.

    1. Stop Over Breeding these animals just like dogs and cats would be extremely helpful-cann’t anybody figure that one out !!!

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