Opinion – Prevent the shipment of horses across Maine to slaughter facilities

By Robert Fisk Jr., Special to the BDN
 Posted May 02, 2013, at 11:46 a.m.

Frightened horse at Les Petits-Nations, Quebec - July 2011

Frightened horse at Les Petits-Nations, Quebec – July 2011

For millenniums, the horse has changed mankind. The ways in which we travel, trade, play, work and fight wars have been profoundly shaped our unique relationship with horses. Unfortunately, their unparalleled stature and legacy cannot save them from the ultimate disrespect and cruelty of a slaughterhouse. Maine Friends of Animals estimates approximately 1,500 horses each year are shipped from or through Maine to two slaughterhouses in Québec for human consumption in parts of Europe and Asia.

Domestic horse slaughter plants have been illegal in America since 2007 because the U.S. Department of Agriculture did not have the resources to oversee inspections. Sadly, that ban was lifted a year ago, resulting in concern that these facilities may re-open. Proposed legislation, LD 1286, not only bans the transport of horses from and through Maine to slaughter plants, it also prevents the establishment of these facilities in Maine.

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  1. Ziggy Pope · ·

    Don’t feel helpless! Pick up the phone and call your state representatives and tell them no more horses being shipped to their brutal, and agonizing deaths via Maine!!!

  2. I feel frightenined for the horse.This hurts my heart so badly and I feel helpless.

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