Hoofbeats Remember

One of our wonderful supporters, Sandra Unrat, penned this beautiful poem dedicated to those horses who have, or will die at slaughter.

 Please click on the image below to view.

Hoof Beats Remember


  1. Christine Heidt · ·

    Why can’t all the animal lovers band together and force the government to implement Animal Welfare Laws that benefit the animals, and not greedy people.
    What sort of people are these, that can send their pets without any qualm to a frightful death?
    Psychopaths, Scum of the Earth !

  2. cac betts · ·

    Your are a true Horse Angel
    Thank you for all that you do for the horses
    Keep up the great work..

  3. It seems that as much as I have signed petition to stop horse slaughter, it continues WHY? Why can’t we get this heartbreaking torture to stop? But I will sign one everyday to my dying days, just show me where they are……

  4. Deborah · ·

    So beautiful and so very heartbreaking,this madness must stop.How can anyone do this to these loyal and gentle animals?

  5. Telling it like it is …..in such a touching way. The horses are your biggest fan Sandra….then me…thanks for all you do!

  6. Thank you Sandra. A most fitting poem in the eyes of the horse – the terror, despair and betrayal by those who loved them. As Marie says, we will continue in this fight to end the abuse. Never give up

    1. Thank-you, (jane AKA abbers) for kind words.~

      I know horses & they have feelings to. We hear their crys. ~ Support BILL C-322 and “A Licence To Breed Equines” would be a must. t/y merci

  7. Thank-you, (mstorace) and (Marie Dean) ! ~

    Thank you to CHDC also, for sharing this for the Horses and I.
    Bless ~

  8. I have shaed this and it made me cry. i also printed it out for myself so I can put it up for myself. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Sandra, this is so beautiful and so painful. We will continue to work hard at ending this suffering.

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