SPCA explains why seized horses sent to auction

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AB SPCA auction horsesCALGARY- The Alberta SPCA is explaining why dozens of seized horses were sent to a recent livestock auction in High River, causing outrage.

The organization seized nearly 60 starving horses from a farm near Lethbridge back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to be euthanized. 29 were sent to foster farms where they racked up $10,000 in medical and feed bills.


  1. Brandon · ·

    spca equals…… stupid people creating atrocities…..they should have to be bonded and insured, so that if they fail the animals it will cost them big in fines and penalties…there is no excuse for this outcome!

  2. I’m writing from Switzerland, and for me it is just shocking too, to know about the way the horses are treated. Specially from the SPCA. My cousin leaves in high river and she always sent money to SPCA! But “not” for bringing the horses to the auction for slaughter. I informed her about this case just now.
    since the 1970, I always travelled to canada and also spend one year in alberta.
    But, if the canadian goverment is not taking care about whats going on with the horses, i will
    not visit canada again. It makes me so sad!!

  3. Allison · ·

    I’ve been outraged ever since I heard about this. Their job is to rescue animals and place them in responsible homes! Sending them to an auction is not finding them a proper home. People would have been more than willing to adopt those horses and they didn’t even try to advertise them for adoption!

  4. Maret Watson · ·

    I’ve had several incidences too sad to relate – Canadian Wildlife – Environment & Sustainable Resources – they are so alike. Seems the new inductees get inundated with the senior employees’ attitude very quickly. We out here are a bunch of “tree hugers” to them and are joked about. We are a supposed rich province but cannot afford 29 – $50.00 bales for starving animals!! Do those CEO’s also get BONUSES for Budget forecasts they submit to Governent at beginning of year, and then that they cheat and do not use the monies on what they are supposed to – then pay themselves bonuses???

  5. You need to watch more.

  6. tehorse@aol.com · ·

    I am outraged !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGRRR this is total ignorance………

  7. jean robertson · ·

    As usual the spca gives a sorry excuse. If they can not look after large animals they should stick to cats and dogs in shelters and hire someone capable of caring and handling horses. Ten thousand dollars is a small sum to spent on some 30 horses over a 3 month period. It works out to about $344 per horse. They can’t sink much lower than to rescue an animal and then knowingly send it to slaughter. They could have euthanized them all, and then buried them all in Alberta’s large tracts of land. I guess the spca answers to know one so they can do what they like such as their disgusting conduct at Bouvry’s feedlot. For a donation they see nothing and do nothing.
    Everyone should contact them and complain. Here in BC , in the past, they have ignored us by not answering telephone calls, emails, faxes or written letters if they didn’t agree. They are not my idea of a humane society

    1. Well, It all starts with responsible ownership! 30 horses way to many. It also the responsiblity of the breeders, now is not the time to breed. By the way I HAVE seen video on how NOT only the Candians but also Mexico torturing the horse. That’s NOT right. We Americans (US) are NOT horse eaters. When they are shipped to either place and are being treated badly, it makes us sick.There is usually a reason they end up in these places, lost of job, a death in the family. At least be humane, horse are extremely smart. They know what is going on.

  8. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    Alberta SPCA address, 10806 124St., Edmonton, AB

    PHONE 780-447-3600
    Fax 780-447-4748

  9. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    I have their address, I’ll post.

  10. Marilyn Wilson · ·

    No Good outfit!!!

    Hope they pay heavily.

    You may remember;

    When AA’s investigated Bourvy feedlot discovering a mare on the ground, she had tried to deliver her colt only it came head first, was dead, the spca was called because Bourvy workers wouldn’t respond, arriving late spca employee did nothing barely gave the mare a glance, and was over heard laughing with Bourvy workers. They told AA said they

    1. Marilyn Wilson · ·

      They told AA investigators the mare would be shot but it was not done while AA was there. I feel the mare was left to suffer to her end while they laughed.

      This SPCA is worthless, and should be exposed for what they are, low life bunchers for the horse meat business.

  11. Ann Lawrence · ·

    Medical bills?? What’s in the meat? Bute? wormers? well just ship it to ….where? EU and Russia don’t want it…. The whole “horse cycle ” is a mess— their lives and deaths are in the hands of humans who make the mess and don’t want to be responsible for cleaning it up. Sad commentary on “us”—the higher beings.

  12. Anne Streeter · ·

    You’ve got to be kidding! The Alberta SPCA rescues horses, has them rehabbed at great expense and then ships them to auction for a trip to the abattoir! Were they just fattening them up for the meat market? What kind of a humane society is that! Absolutely shocking!!

    1. Maggie · ·

      It’s more than shocking, it’s irresponsible. Just the opposite of what a humane society should do. So mad I could spit nails.

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