Heather Chisholm – Standing up for horses

From time to time we hear inspirational stories of people trying to make the world a better place for horses.  One such story comes to us from Quispapsis, NB. 



Ten-year old Heather Chisholm is a very active advocate for horses and is doing all that she can to raise awareness about horse slaughter.

 Please read about Heather here.
Article is posted with permission from KV Style.

Heather’s mum, Jennifer, also helps to support horses by selling one-of-a-kind hand-painted horseshoes to support horse rescues.  You can see Jennifer’s work here.


  1. Bless your young heart Heather, the love of and for a horse is so incrediable, you remind me of me.Thank you!!!!! :)l

  2. Debbie · ·

    We thank you heather ALL the horses thank you, horses are a gift to us all!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!

  3. Terri Russell · ·

    Kudos To This Sweet Girl And Her Mom For All They do.

  4. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Marre du massacre des chevaux : c est inhumain !

  5. Heather did a huge fundraiser for us and we had a photoshoot with her. It was so great to see a kind hearted young lady along with her mother trying to make a difference..We are looking to incorporate the show making to adoptions of our program to give each horse a lucky horse shoe to hang on their stall…

  6. Mary Croft · ·

    What a wonderful human being….my heart sings, for once.

  7. Heather · ·

    The picture of Heather and her mom’s horse say more than words ever could….horses are companion animals they are not meant for the slaughterhouse to end up on someone’s plate. Thank you Heather for your commitment and love of horses.

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