Community outraged after horses seized by SPCA put up for auction

From Global Calgary

Horses are sold at a High River, AB auction - photo Global News

Horses are sold at a High River, AB auction – photo Global News

CALGARY- Two dozen horses have been put up for sale at a livestock auction in High River, after nearly 60 neglected and malnourished animals were seized from a southern Alberta farm.

 The Alberta SPCA seized the starving horses back in January, and some were so sick or aggressive that they had to be euthanized. 29 were sent to foster farms where they racked up $10,000 in medical and feed bills. But instead of being sent to forever homes, they were put up for auction—and potential buyers included those looking to sell horse meat.

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  1. No horse ever needs to be killed in order to support a corrupt breeders market, anywhere. Anyone who pretends that horses should be killed for convenience is not familiar with this situation and needs education. It doesn’t matter if we use the term euthanasia or slaughter. No equine “needs to die” because we refuse to use our heads and/or get off our asses and save their lives. Did anyone bother to call a rescue or an attorney? Until we make every intelligent effort (besides commenting via blogs) we have no right to determine death for an innocent life. Action in the real world matters.

  2. Sherrel · ·

    I hope the fosters loaded these horses with medications/drugs AND I hope they announce it far and wide. With the big upset in the horse meat industry, any ‘hint’ of medicated horses might give them a chance.
    What’s worse than an animal abuser,,, a rescue who claims they care. Like hell they do.

  3. This is an outrage!! SPCA is supposed to save animals not auction them off to recoup money, that is so wrong! They have condemned most of them to a horrible death! I will not support the SPCA ever!!! It’s always about the money not the animals!

  4. If they couldn’t afford to keep them and made reasonable attempts to rehome them, they should have euthanized them. I hate it as much as the next person. However attempting to “recover costs” via sale to anyone, including kill buyers, is the prevailing mentality when dealing with horses who have outlived their use plagues the horse industry. It’s disgusting that the SPCA would perpetuate this selfish practice.
    If no one wants them, there’s no funds to feed and care for them and all attempts have been made, humane euthanasia is the only option. No horse should ever go to slaughter.

  5. We all need a legal precedent which allows rescues or fosters to serve a form of some sort of an injunction in order to stop seized animals from being sent to any auctions, anywhere. No rescued animal should be allowed to be sent back to a certain death.. Besides the obvious waste of rescue funds, this is a horrific betrayal of these innocent souls, human and animal. The vets and other personnel who worked to save these innocent lives will be discouraged from future rescue work if all that is to happen is a snatch by known killbuyers at auctions.
    These rescued animals need to be set aside legally from any grab for auctions. Of course, the more these innocent animals weigh, the more the value to a killbuyer The healthier they are, the more likely they will fetch a price as a toxic “meat” for these petty criminals in Canada and the US. The US send 60% of the slaughtered horses to Canada. Supposedly, US Thorobreds are exempt. That is also unbelievable given the chaotic nature of the equine killer business. This is an uncontrolled market and as long as we allow this to continue, it will. We need to look at fraudulent sales as part of this criminal activity. Previous records of violations of law including lack of payments should be used to prevent auction sales.
    What about taxes and evidence of previous kill sales as a means of preventing the snatch by killers after funds are used to save these lives? Money matters.
    Think legal precedents in order to file and save these lives. Is there still time to track and report on this bunch as individuals? What about volunteer observers tracking and videotaping the fates of any or all of these horses?
    Action is called for and the best is a combination of legal filings and tracking. Evidence would be found of bad faith which could perhaps be used in the cases of killbuyers frauds. AKA’s could be cited as evidence these auction sales are bogus. That would be a start.
    Unless we act, nothing will change.
    Anybody know a lawyer for a pro bono effort? Can anyone publicize an effort like this in social media? I am in the US and can’t act for anyone else.
    Is there anyone who will act or tell others to start an effort? This would have to start now, not later on. Lives are being lost every day. This can’t wait anymore. Please tell others.
    The US is still fighting corrupt career politicians in Oklahoma to stop a kill plant from opening here again. We are fighting with all we have and every day. Please act.

  6. Dennis Davey · ·

    Surely it cannot be that difficult to determine who are killbuyers at these auctions. That being said, if those are the only potential, buyers for these Horses perhaps the Alberta SPCA should then do the HUMANE thing and have a licenced vet euthanize them chemically.
    OH, dam I forgot we are talking about the SPCA in Alberta that i am sure receives substantial support from the ONE and ONLY, Mr. HUMANE himself C. Bouvry.

  7. jean robertson · ·

    In a perfect world those horses should find homes with no possibility of going for slaughter. I’ve heard of 3 horses being adopted in this area and then 2 were traded back to the meat buyer for a better horse. So other than euthanizing them nothing can guarantee they don’t go for slaughter.

    1. Theresa Nolet · ·

      I agree horses live for 25-30 plus years, and life holds no quarantees for any of us, but the SPCA put these horses in direct line of kill buyers where the odds were heavily in favour of them going to slaughter as opposed to going to a home. Anyone in the horse world knows that at these auctions, 80% plus of the horses go to kill buyers. Not very good odds for these poor horses. Shame on the SPCA.

  8. Again & again,,,,, We must repeat, “A Licence to Breed Equines” is whats needed…..

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