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The Silence is Deafening

by Shelley Grainger

3AmigosWhy is it when the Canadian government and horse agriculture (ie. slaughter) industry is called upon for answers, their silence is the only thing heard?

When presented with evidence of lies, deceit and corruption, as brought forward in the Toronto Star’s March 30th Star investigation: Ottawa refuses to say whether drug-tainted horse meat entered food chain, not even denial is spoken.  Not a, “we’ll get back to you” rebuff – just deafening silence.

This resounding hush is the same that was heard after the CHDC’s damaging investigative report from inside the La Petite Nation slaughter plant in 2011 – the same one implicated in the Toronto Star report.  No words of acknowledgement, disavowal, or otherwise were heard from the Ministry of Agriculture, the CFIA, nor the dichotomously named pro-slaughter group representing the industry, the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC), after the CHDC released Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry.

BelgiansIn previous years, the CFIA and HWAC made attempts to minimize or even deny the evidence brought forward in the CHDC reports.  After Pasture to Plate, only after a concerted effort to communicate with the CFIA, was a response received.  In the usual manner, vague explanations were given  and promises of improved industry standards were made.  Even an absurd statement was provided, that since the video evidence of a horse taken from behind did not show the actual entry of the 11 captive bolt stunning attempts, it was impossible to determine if the horse was actually improperly shot.  Video evidence is just that – EVIDENCE.  You didn’t have to see the multiple holes in the poor Belgian’s face to see that he was still wavering on his feet as the shooter shot the captive bolt gun again, and again, and again, and again ………..11 times – but that was not conclusive in the CFIA’s eyes.

And what does the pro-slaughter pro-horsemeat eating Bill DesBarres have to say on behalf of HWAC?   He’s busy these days giving quotes expounding all the wonderful reasons to eat horsemeat, as in this CBC News article of February 26th, Europe’s horsemeat scandal spurs Canadian consumption.  Funny how the supposed horse welfare spokesperson for the horse industry says, “People are inquisitive and they say, Well, what’s wrong with it? Let me try it.”  Makes you want to go right out there and get yourself some tasty horsemeat!

Canadian consumers are not fooled, and Canadian horse people are not fooled.  The CFIA is not giving off a warm, fuzzy feeling of food industry security here.  Perhaps they feel it’s Europe’s problem – they get most of our horsemeat anyways!  And horse people are not fooled by the bizarre “horse welfare” policies of HWAC.  Policies that are not even thinly veiled – they are outspoken pro-slaughter advocates – AND they are partners with our provincial horse federations and Equine Canada.  How can this be?  It seems obvious that the Ministry of Agriculture made a deal with the devil – and the horse federations were either complicit or had no say in the matter.

How much does it take to bring acknowledgement from society and industry to the fact that breeding indiscriminately, passing off, killing and eating our horses is cruel to equines, unsafe for human consumption, and is intolerable behaviour in a modern, progressive society?FrightenedEyes


  1. Frosty Smith · ·

    Horse slaughter is just wrong and needs to be banned, it is not a solution but a bigger problem with the horses that are stolen everyday, plus it is inhumane and cruel and all about $$$$$ nothing else. Absolutely not about getting rid of the old and sick horses only about the beautiful fat and healthy ones(what a lie) the kill buyers dump them out to fend for themselves what is fair about that!!!! NO TO HORSE SLAUGHTER IT HAS TO STOP NOW!

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    Jean Robertson, i do not think you realize just how valid your comment really is.Perhaps if someone in our movement knows a lawyer, they could inquire about as to whether this is pie in the sky or really achievable. Class Action suit against Slaughter house owners, the CFIA and Ritz sure would get some attention in the media. The lawyer filing the suit could be compensated with proceeds one in the court action. Perhaps others such as Animals Angels in the U.S. could be brought on board. The suit would claim that slaughter house owners ,the CFIA and Ritz knowingly sold contaminated meat to Europeans for consumption, thus putting their health at unnecessary risk.

    1. A judge could not rule with fairness that one life form deserves a quality life whereas another life form deserves no quality of life so that would certainly be a good claim for a court action.

    2. jean robertson · ·

      Dennis, if you or I knowingly sold contaminated meat for human consumption we would be sued and end up in jail. With all the corruption in the meat industry at the moment the timing would be perfect. The billion dollar drug companies have been class action sued in the past for killing and making consumers sick so why not the slaughter house owners and everyone connected to the contaminated meat scandal. Animals’Angels, PETA, HSUS or any other large animal rights organization must know of a good lawyer.

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  4. Our governments are just plain disgusting…stop the pro-slaughter people already…we do not eat horsemeat in Alberta and Bouvry Exports and all of these jerks connected to it should go straight to HELL….Do any of us have a say in what transpires in our province…I for one am sickened by this demonstration of killing horses, wild and domestic to feed toxic horsemeat to foreign countries…Canada used to be a good place to live but it has attracted to many foreign scumbags such as the ones that run the slaughterhouses. I am afraid that all the money in the world isn’t going to stop these creeps from the joy they get from killing these majestic animals.

  5. Laureen · ·

    This is typical of our gutless Government. Why is it that only a handful of people that want to keep the horse slaughtering business going and thousands and thousands of people want it stopped, that it is not shut down? Should it not be that the opinion of the majority of Canadians override the opinion of the few handfuls? I am still floored by the video footage of the horses packed in wooden crates at the Calgary airport ready to be shipped out to Japan. For God’s sakes they must have been absolutely terrified! Our Canadian Government is not for animals WHATSOEVER. From seal hunting to factory farming to banning dog and cat fur to horse slaughter, to hunting polar bears, they do not protect animals at all. As long as it makes money for them, they will turn their eyes the other way. I want to live in a country that denies all of the above things. Our Government is extremely embarrasing to the majority of Canadians!

    1. TwoForeverSafeHorses · ·

      Amen to your comments. I shop for animals; eat vegan. Also advise friends and family not to ever buy any sort of meat labeled Canada, Mexico or US because it will have horsemeat in it. Lets end the slaughter of the innocent animals once and for all.

      1. BlessUsAll · ·

        What do you mean: “I shop for animals”???

        When one steps back and considers the horrors and terrors and traumas we force animals to endure — and for the stupidest, pettiest, ugliest reasons! — it’s enough to convince an objective observer that we humans are psychopaths!

      2. Safe horses Sunny Georgia · ·

        I meant that I shop FOR ANIMALS (vegan) not in favor of factory farms, fur, slaughterhouses of any kind, animal research, puppy mills…. Good grief lets stay balanced and fight the fight against those who think so little of animals and not among ourselves.

      3. BlessUsAll · ·

        I guess I shouldn’t have followed my honest question — from one vegan to another — with a sentence that was meant to be A COMPLETELY SEPARATE POINT FROM THE QUESTION!!!!

        No fighting spirit intended. Just the opposite. It’s really hard to discern where fellow commenters are coming from sometimes, isn’t it? 🙂

        By the way, I like that idea, now that I understand it: “I shop FOR animals” — meaning, with the animals’ best interests (even before my own) in mind! Very good! 🙂

        And thank you for saving two horses in Sunny Georgia!

  6. Dennis Davey · ·

    I have been searching for a FORMAL comment from that fork tongue idiot we call Min. of Agriculture over the DAMMINING story from the Toronto Star on Horse slaughter. Has anyone come across a FORMAL comment?
    My earlier comment of Quebec slaughter plant, and the possibility of Horse meat mixed with beef, pork etc. in Canada should not be ruled out. Since Canada exports meat to the U.S., perhaps there is that possibility as well.
    After all the recent and past performance of the CFIA and Ritz sure has not been stellar.

  7. Nicolle Baker · ·

    Modern progressive society? When they are torturing and murdering these majestic animals, I am sorry, I don’t see that as a modern and progressive society. Disgusting!

    1. Linda Poignant · ·

      Well said Nicolle – The horse is an ICONIC creature not a food source. The time for change is now – Thank you Toronto Star for bringing this topic to the front page.

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    The Governments actions leave us speechless…

  9. paulatoddking · ·

    This sounds so much like what we’re dealing with here in New Mexico. As we fight with everything we have to keep the first horse slaughter plant in the US from opening, all of our elected officials are mute to media reports that justify horse slaughter. Follow the money. We are all in this together. Thank you for a very informative expose.

  10. Laurel · ·

    As a retired Maternity Nurse, I have been striving to educate the public about the effects of Bute (Phenylbutazoneon) on the fetus or newborn. At least 90% of horses raised in USA have been given Bute, and a considerable number in Canada.. There is evidence to indicate that exposure to Bute during pregnancy may cause birth defects in the fetus. Studies in animals have shown that these medicines, if taken late in pregnancy, may increase the length of pregnancy, prolong labor, or cause other problems during delivery, including still-births. Transference during breast feeding may cause heart disease in the newborn. It may be the innocent human newborns that will suffer. Lordy! Don’t we have enough childhood diseases! and risks for birth-defects, autism, etc. Do we even want to consume this stuff or send this tainted flesh to other countries?

    1. jean robertson · ·

      Laurel, is there any way you could contact Dr. Oz and give him the true side of the horsemeat story instead of the one sided crap he was fed by a government employee.

      1. Laurel · ·

        I was so disappointed in that Dr.Oz segment. I don’t know how to contact him in any way that would be noticed.

  11. Carrera · ·

    This is so sickening I can’t bear to even imagine what these very intelligent animals go through to die. Those sick sociopaths and psychopaths who are responsible for their suffering will burn in hell for all eternity. They will as sure as the sun shines in the sky every single day. Their cries for mercy will not be heard because there is no redemption after death. The Universe is watching and we will have to answer some day, sooner than we think, for life on this plane is as brief as batting an eyelid. Poof! It is gone. No matter how much money we accumulate it matters not. But when those mad greedy sons of bitches amass money and more money on the suffering of animals and especially horses it is an unforgivable sin that even God with all His mercy will not forgive because the horses are his innocent creation and no one has the right to take their lives at will. The next thing we will hear of human slaughter houses. At the rate humanity is “progressing” with greed at the wheel nothing is sacred any more, not even human life. I, for one, am a vegetarian and would not touch meat even if I was starving to death. The killing of any animal revolts me but the killing of horses is beyond revolting. I cannot even find words strong enough to express my revulsion and disgust. May those responsible for all the suffering they have caused to these beautiful and intelligent creatures meet with the worst kind of death ever imaginable and as they pass on to the next dimension may their suffering be perpetuated for all eternity.

  12. horsewelfarenews · ·

    If you realize they are psychopaths (Cluster B personalities), their silence – as well as the rest of their infantile, power drunk, greedy, and purely self-serving machinations, often hidden behind respectable facades – are very predictable. And they’re all the same. The rest of us actually left the womb and the breast and grew into responsible and compassionate adults.

    These tyrannical, sadistic horse-killing toddlers in business suits are most likely substance abusers, gambling addicts, shopaholics, pathological liars, sadists, sexual deviates with a penchant for kiddie porn, fear brokers, con artists, and domestic abusers, just to name some of their “higher qualities.” Horse slaughter appeals only to psychopaths, and if they can’t do it for the money, they’ll do it just to make the horses suffer for cheap thrills and a power trip.

    The Faustian pact of corporate ag interests, big pharma, breeders, horse councils, the racing industry, and their PACs with politicians is certainly no secret. Horse slaughter’s just been a profitable by-product of the rest of their crimes.

    Oklahoma passed a bill, and yes, a horse slaughter plant without an export market makes perfect sense to psychopaths – let’s pretend the EU ban never happened! LOL. And the timing of this push for horse slaughter plants following the (known) EU horse meat scandal exposures is just dandy – it may have helped seal the coffin for the U.S. beef industry which I understand is a global laughing stock these days.

    Pack your kids’ lunch boxes carefully. The letter M in the word “meat” stands for “Mystery.” 😉

    Next time I see a USDA sticker at the supermarket I’m going to bust out laughing.

    1. Robyn · ·

      Well said…………..you pretty covered it to the “T”.

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  14. Barbara Griffith · ·

    The slaughter plant in Oklahoma is supposed to open up next Nov. A lot can happen in 7 months.
    Didn’t the EU say a few weeks ago they banned US horse meat from being shipped to them? They know there are no slaughter plants for horses open in the US at this time. They said that they had planned to shut it down back in 2011. They also know all the US horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. We will simply have to take a wait and see about what the EU does about all of this. Neither the US nor Canada/Mexico have the passport system that the EU insists be used. I live in the US and every horse organization I know of are working to pass the new bills banning horse slaughter. If we can ever get this banned the slaughter plants in Canada will mostly go out of business for lack of horses from the US and so will Mexico. The politicians in the state of Oklahoma will all be thrown out of office over the horse slaughter plant bill which totally ignored the wishes of 80% of the population in that state.

    1. TERRI RUSSELL · ·

      No to the wait and see attitude. Three federal ban must be actively pursued just in case they back slide like they have before..

  15. linda · ·

    we have also forgotten about the drug companies that make hormone replacement therapy..one of the most popular is premarin.. thousands of mares are kept in stalls so small they can’t turn, move, or lay down. they are kept pregnant..and have water tubes up their noses and their bladders…their foals, when born, are torn from their moms..and if rescues can’t step in they are disposed of ! 10 yrs. after the use of premarin by women.. studies have proved that it CAUSES BREAST CANCER!!!!!!! yet drs. still pass these pills out to woman for them to ingest! where is the FDA??? IT IS ALL about the MONEY!!!! the whole problem here.. is that NO ONE is held accountable for their actions, inactions, or decisions! maybe these states can make owners… license, each of their horses..say. $5.00 for a three or four year license…they are to include pics of each one and a micro chip… like we have to do for our dogs… so if a horse is sick, abused, starved., or abandoned, the owner can be tracked down, fined..and be made to pay for and call a vet to put down the horse, which is the ONLY humane way for a horse to be put down ! wouldn’t this make more sense? I truly believe that the governor, her rep…whose relatives who own the largest livestock auction in Oklahoma.. should be investigated! does anyone, other than me… wonder why valley foods lost it’s right to slaughter cattle???????? also are these companies foreign owned or backed? will our tax dollars be used to subsidize these slaughter houses…like we did for the ones that were forced to close down. and we do for oil companies? if people aren’t enraged over the horses…then they should get really pissed off if the government will secretly use tax dollars to support the slaughterhouses!!!! I hope and pray that the politicians, and governors…who turned their backs on the wishes of their taxpaying voters and 80% of americans who want horse slaughter banned….and their families…get to ingest horse meat! it is obvious…they do not believe in GOD!! cause if they did …this would not be an issue! so I will remind all of them about ….karma…..she is a nasty bitch!!! GOD bless & protect our horses …from the forces of evil!

    1. TERRI RUSSELL · ·

      Lost it? No. That SOB saw more money in horse slaughter and financial backing from foreigners so he pursued it. All the rest is crap.

    2. It will be US taxpayer dollars paying for the inspections. The USDA has already acknowledged that. It is not a secret. It will cost five million dollars to do so! I haven’t figured out yet why US taxpayer dollars should be used to inspect meat that will not be consumed by US taxpayers, but instead will be exported to people in other countries for profit that only goes to the slaughter houses!

  16. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Yes, I agree. We need to change legislation. Bill C-322 is trying to do just that. We need to get the petitions signed and sent to Parliament. Nothing is going to be done if we don’t get this petition in. You know that saying, “anything you say can be used against you”. That is why the government is quiet, say nothing!

  17. CFIA ( CAN’T FIND INSPECTOR ANYWHERE) applies to grocery store aisles with ‘regurgitated’ horsemeat products from our importers, applies to horsemeat testing practices in Canada’s horse slaughter houses, applies to an Agency that would fold overnight if it really exposed how many drugs and medications are in the horse meat and ‘combined meats’ that end up on the human dinner plate. Bill desBarres wants Canadians to sample horse meat so that Canadians can see for themselves, that’s already happening anyway with all the products that Canada imports labelled variously just like in Europe. Anyone who works at the track wouldn’t touch horsemeat with a ten foot pole, hell, those over-medicated, injured horses that are shipped to slaughter have meat that could do more harm to enduring human health than poisons from snakes.

  18. One only needs to look at their eyes in the above photo….they know.

    1. You are so right……you can see the fear. It break’s my heart to know that these horses are now gone. I weep and pray for them. It need’s to stop!!!!

    2. Horses know the smell of death. I only wonder what the horses’ are thinking right before slaughter. They want to run but there is no where to run to. Horses do not deserve this kind of horrific treatment. What did the horses do to deserve this?

  19. Dennis Davey · ·

    Let,s see, one of the main reasons the organized crime boys in Europe were so successful in mixing Horse meat with traditional meat such as beef pork etc. and passing it off under the eyes of their ever watchful govt. watch dogs was that they OPERATED AND OWNED THEIR OWN SLAUGHTER PLANTS.
    Now where else do similiar conditions exist, could it be in the province of Quebec where I believe there are investigations going on presently surrounding our very own organized crime boys over elected officials, fraud and corruption.
    For anyone who believes that the same Horse meat issue in Europe, can not or is not happening right here THINK AGAIN PEOPLE. Confidence in the CFIA and Ritz, I DO NOT THINK SO.

    1. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

      Well Dennis, funny you should say that. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. I’ve recently found myself seriously Dis-liking all ground beef. What was that line used awhile
      back by vets completing school. CFIA ( CAN’T FIND INSPECTOR ANYWHERE)

      1. jean robertson · ·

        Bouvry, according to Flewelling, is slaughtering horses, cattle and bison in the same slaughter house. How convenient would it be to mix some of the 25 cent meat in with the expensive stuff for a bit more profit.??? The horsemeat is so full of drugs etc it wouldn’t need much seasoning when mixed with the other species.

    2. TERRI RUSSELL · ·

      I hear ya.

  20. Cheryl · ·

    This whole thing makes me sick! All of a sudden, we absolutely need to kill horses for MEAT!! It’s all about DOLLAR BILLS!! Nothing else! Now we will make money selling horse meat to other countries, is that it?? I hope everyone of you who are involved in this sickening business, get what you deserve! And I don’t mean money! I hope Karma comes and bites you all in the Ass for this!

    1. People that eat horse meat will be dying of cancers at alarming rates, and wondering why.

  21. karen · ·

    This issue has made the front page of The Toronto Star twice in two years. Nothing has changed. And nothing will change without legislation banning slaughterhouses. It’s like the news about cruelty in pig/hog slaughterhouses. There was a big fuss and then everyone forgot about the issues. There will probably be a day when we can get milk and eggs in a humane manner, but we can’t get horsemeat (or any equine) and by-products (leather/suede/glue) in a humane fashion. We just have to work with Mexico and the United States to ban equine slaughterhouses and the exportation for slaughter. And laws limiting breeding and insisting on retirement plans, funding for horse rescues, and so on. All the headlines in The Toronto Star won’t make any difference until laws are enforced protecting all equines (wild or domestic). Also, governments have to realize about all the jobs created if horse/equine rescues were funded!

    1. BlessUsAll · ·

      The horses agree with you (as do the bears who you reference below, and the polar bears and seals Jodi mentions), but the equally innocent pigs and chickens and cows don’t. They can assure you, in screams filled with terror and pain and bewilderment, that even if the laws governing the practice of killing our fellow-beings were enforced, the act of taking anyone’s life will never be “humane.”

      (My comment also applies to Theresa’s “My god the US has more than enough beef cattle to feed the world…” below.)

      In recent years, I’ve learned, by degrees, to put myself in the place of individuals in every species — not just our culture’s “chosen” ones — and to imagine how they feel. I hope it has made me a more honest, humble advocate for all life.

      Let’s take this opportunity to stretch ourselves and think big! Leo Tolstoy did when he wrote: “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” True, we can only fight one battle at a time — and we’re doing battle for the horses right now, I understand — but that doesn’t mean we need to carelessly denigrate other precious animals just because we were indoctrinated in childhood to exploit and eat them.

      1. karen · ·

        My apology – I didn’t mean that other animals such as pigs/cows/chickens should be slaughtered. I meant media attention doesn’t do anything without laws banning slaughterhouses. There was a huge media fuss about cruelty towards pigs/hogs and everyone said they would never eat pig/hog again – well, the fuss died down and very few poeple care anymore. As for eggs and milk being obtained humanely, this is only being done on a very small scale, mainly in England. You wouldn’t believe the criticism I get when people realize I am a vegan for humanitarian rather than health reasons (they figure it out because I try to avoid wearing animal products). I believe violence towards women and sexual exploitation (including prostitution, strip clubs) are related to violence towards animals, but sometimes education just can’t do anything without laws.

      2. BlessUsAll · ·

        Your response is thoughtful and kind, Karen. I agree that education and laws go hand-in-hand in stopping the wrongdoing done to our neighbors (be they human or nonhuman).

        I’m not clear why a humanitarian vegan, as you say you are (they’re called ethical vegans in the States), would write: “There will probably be a day when we can get milk and eggs in a humane manner, ….” since such a statement perpetuates the belief that it’s fine (instead of inherently inhumane, unjust, disrespectful) to steal — and profit from — the body parts of another sentient being. But I appreciate your apology — as do, I’m sure, all the harmless creatures who don’t happen to be horses.

  22. Maybe the stupid up your ass government would respond if the horses were in panda costumes….
    Our government deals with what it decides takes president. Sadly that is not the welfare of horses!!!!
    They think about money and what they can gain from issues. If there is no gain for them they turn a blind eye.
    It sickens me that these type of people represent our Country. It’s about time Canada step up get their heads out of their arses and put an end to horse slaughter!!!!!! ummmm and polar bear and seal hunting….. Need i go on????
    Ohhhhh maybe

    1. karen · ·

      Yes, Jodi, I agree that “our” government needs to wake up. Look at all the jobs that would be created in government-funded horse rescues. I had a shock several months ago when a SWAT team of macho policemen shot and killed a bear that wandered to a Residential location. What kind of image of Canadian masculinity is this? I’m no fan of African Lion Safari, but they had offered to tranquilize the bear and relocate him in a humane fashion.

    2. jean robertson · ·

      seal hunting is coming to an end. No one is buying, so the government is buying and stockpiling the hides in warehouses in hope of finding a buyer. Maybe if enough EU people get wise they will sue the pants off the officials responsible for selling contaminated meat for human consumption. If it isn’t good enough to use in dogfood it shouldn’t be good enough for export for humans to eat. ..

  23. . Pro slaughter continually claims slaughter is necessary because of too many unwanted horses. What causes unwanted horses? Obviously too many horses are being bred. Pro slaughter ‘s solution? Having a slaughter business that BUYs 150,000 horses a year. You know, Pays people money to sell there horse to them. Yah ,that sure is a good incentive to stop people from breeding too many horses all right. That sure will solve the problem. What? You mean you’ve been doing this for 30 years and you still have too many horses being bred. Hmm, just cant figure that one out. For over 30 years the US has continuously sold on average over 100,000 horses a year for slaughter. Yet pro slaughter has continuously claimed there is still a glut of “unwanted” horses for which horse slaughter is the solution. Horse slaughter hasn’t worked. If it had worked, in a few years time there would not still have been any excess horses available to sell to the slaughter market. Certainly not a sustainable 100,000 plus horses a year. Thirty years is enough time to prove slaughter is NOT the answer. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Isn’t it time we end slaughter once and for all and try something new? As long as there is horse slaughter, it GUARANTEES an endless cycle of over breeding, creating the excess horses that are needed to supply the profitable horse slaughter business.

    1. Teresa Piety · ·

      Glow Amy, I will agree with you on everything you said. I think the people that are just letting their horses breed and multiply in a back pasture should be held accountable for it. I also think that the people breeding thorobreds need to be held accounted for their actions as well. Like Bob Barker used to say have your pets spayed or nueterd. Well guess what people the same goes for your horses. I”M a horse lover and I have 2 rescued horses now…GOD I love them both and would never send them to slaughter. If one or both get sick I will have them put down in a humane way by my vet. And they will be buried on my property. They will not end up on someones table for dinner. And why are we slaughtering our horses????? My god the US has more than enough beef cattle to feed the world……WHY OUR HORSES?????? And with the horse slaughter plants opening up in oklahoma,,,,,,OMG everybody in the surrounding states will have to worry about some asshole stealing our horses so they can make some money….Its not fair to us responsible horse owners….

      1. Laureen · ·

        Yes, and in Alberta, the feedlots are actually breeding horses for the purpose of slaughter. I am also very disgusted with what a recent investigation revealed at a horse feedlot. There were a couple of horses down that needed immediate vet attention. The SPCA did attend, but appeared to be be buddy-buddy with the owner of the feedlot, was seen laughing and left the property without doing anything! Son-of-a-bitch! These people own those horses and like it or not, they are supposed to be trimming their hoofs, feeding and watering them and seeking vet attention when required just like individuals who own horses. It seems to me that the rules are different for these damn feedlots. And do not get me started about the Calgary Stampede. They are breeding horses to perform as bucking broncs and when they are not up to snuff, they are apparently being sent to slaughter. The Stampede is a true embarrassement to Calgarians.

    2. Janet Schultz · ·

      This s an excellent prospective and I congratulate you for hitting the NAIL on the head.

    3. Laureen · ·

      You have just hit the nail on the head. The only reason that the slaughtering business remains is because this pipeline is too convenient. Thoroughbreds that are not up to snuff are sent to slaughter. They continue to breed until the “perfect” horse comes along . Until then, it is easy to dump them at auctions or feedlots. We need to make it very difficult for them to dump their horses. If I had no where to dump my garbage, then I would work on creating little or no garbage. If we shut down horse slaughter all together, all over the world, then slowly the horse population will dwindle. It will take years, but eventually horse population will be low and under control. Right now things are so out of control.

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