Auction set after rescue of starving horses

Mare and foal - Alberta auction - Oct 2012 - photo Tierschutzbund

Mare and foal – Alberta auction – Oct 2012 – photo Tierschutzbund

Go here to read pro-slaughter statements made by Bill desBarres of HWAC regarding horses as a protein source contained in this article.  Please further note that numerous provincial equine federations are members of HWAC.  Therefore, this raises the question – do fees paid by individual members of these federations support the use of equines for the production of horsemeat?


  1. Allison · ·

    So a number of these horses were rescued…fattened up…and then brought to an auction and will most likely be purchased for meat…so that some of the rescuing costs will be recouped. It just doesn’t feel right to me…taking someone’s starving horses and then using them to get some money back. So they supplied the meat buyers with product and the meat buyers supplied them with money…and the cycle goes on. Why don’t we take some money out of slaughtering horses and use that to help the rescues? It’s not fair that some of these horses will sacrifice their lives to save others…how could you choose?!

  2. Anne Streeter · ·

    The SPCA is there to defend horses – not to do business with desBarres who would turn all horses into horse meat!

  3. Absolutely, I’m certain every member supports slaughter. Every horse council is nothing but a filthy “political action committee” with so-called agricultural agendas. Both are predatory parasites living off taxpayer subsidies. Yes, they want to force us to support them, as though the public who generally despises and distrusts them are nothing but cows to be milked and then slaughtered when they can no longer produce. And the cycle repeats. Which is why I choose a vegan/vegetarian diet and boycott anything having to do with the agricultural/political sociopathic monstrosity trying to overtly or covertly force violence, toxic carcasses, blood, and fake food down my throat. I despise horse racing and many other competitive “horse sports,” most are only gateways into the meat truck. I don’t support any equine media who advertise breeders, I don’t buy Wranglers because they sponsor rodeo. Etc. Etc. Hit ’em in the wallet. All of them. Stop the supply by not supplying the enablers of slaughter too. Animals’ Angels is doing a fantastic job working on the demand end.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      I agree with your stand and boycott everything I don’t agree with.

  4. Patty Jackson · ·

    Scary hope people that send their don’t use horses to slaughter don’t do the same with their kids , come on people these horses work and do things for us all their lives then when their not wanted we just pitch em to the slaughter plant. They need retirement homes just like humans. They carried us thru war and we don’t discard our veterans do we??

  5. jean robertson · ·

    Thanks to the RCMP brand inspector for reporting the neglect case to the SPCA. The SPCA also deserves thanks for responding and doing the best for the horses.
    As for des Barres and his group Alberta Farm Animal Care and the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada, he has presented the two groups and himself once again as total aholes.

    1. I will second that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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