Video tribute to “Justice” the young horse executed on video


  1. Everyone should be posting the video of Tim shooting the horse wherever you can on the internet and the article that described who he is and what he does for a living. The public has to be exposed to the atrocities towards the horses and those who commit them.

  2. Allison Nicolas · ·

    Why did this horse even end up at auction?! Pets are not disposable! Pets are for LIFE! I would NEVER throw my pets away like that. The horse I adopted was on her way to auction too. This is sickening. Stop breeding horses unless you will keep them FOREVER!! Auction is a sad way to dispose of an animal that loved you and trusted you. I don’t want to hear the dumb excuses that you think you are giving them a chance to find a new home sending them to auction. Why can’t you at least take the time to find a proper home if you are going to dispose of your pet?!

    1. Lin Month · ·

      Your comment expresses exactly what so many of us feel out here. Thank you for putting it into words.

  3. this action sickened me…no words can describe how nauseated I felt and feel still when I think of Justice having suffered and being killed in cold blood so heinously and cold bloodedly all to make a very warped statement. He needs to get justice served to him…

  4. pattyhamilton · ·

    This animal that killed this beautiful young horse for no reason at all should be punished. To me he is a cold blooded killer and should be locked up for good.

  5. It makes me sick to see how many people get away with murdering,slaughtering animals,
    and nothing is ever really done about it.Serious actions have to be take to separate these heartless uncivilized people.

  6. When the hell is this killing of the horses ever going to stop !!!!! ???? I think Karma will turn on him very soon….And does this guy have a permit for that hand gun ???? Cuz if he doesn’t that’s one way to nail him and maybe he will have a freak accident ! OOOOPs

    1. No one in their right mind would treat an animal in that way. He is far, far gone and he knows it too.

  7. I Haven’t seen the real video so I can’t comment about it but i wonder why this guy would shoot a horse that easy worth over 1000 dollars. The gun I see here tell me that is not Canada because a semi automatic is illegal in Canada or this guy is very stupid or sick or other wise it’s stolen horse
    and he is trying to call attention or the horse was very sick .

  8. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    I agree with all the above who have been sickened by the disgusting psychopathic behavior that Tim displayed in this video. I believe he needs to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty. There has to be a law against just taking a healthy, young horse around the back of a livestock sales sight and shooting it. The video should go viral, so that everyone can see how little respect these people, who call themselves the “Horse Industry” people have for the horses they claim they are helping out of miserable, abused lives. That was not a miserable, old horse. That was a 3 year old in the prime of his life. Doing that to him just to prove you can is so insensitive to human emotion, that I can only believe that Tim you are a Psychopath. Little children who get great pleasure out of torturing and killing animals often become human predators or serial killers. You are well on your way Tim. Your mother should have thrown you away; and kept the afterbirth, rather than letting you become the man you are today.

    1. Jagadambe…..wise words indeed.Can anyone express the worlds horror at this mans callous behaviour.

  9. Ricky Rogers · ·

    I bet this guys already got a bullet with his name on it – You don’t piss off the world without suffering the consequences.

    1. You got it comin...Ted Sappington · ·

      Amen to that!

  10. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    Found the comment “at least it wasn’t death in a slaughterhouse” interesting. Indeed, a horrible end for any animal including horses. I am tired of sickos who get their kicks killing.

  11. This should come as no shock to anyone who understands the cruel, heartless, predatory business known as horse slaughter. These are the kinds of people who are willing to brutally kill the innocent souls. Honestly, think about it, would a caring, compassionate person want or seek this kind of employment. No, they would not. Tim is the basic horse slaughter type person that Slaugherhouse Sue and the people who support this business are proposing to provide employment for. Would YOU want this person living in your community, around your children, your wives, your parents? I certainly wouldn’t!

    1. Ricky Rogers · ·

      Well said!

  12. Lin Month · ·

    Mr. Tim better get himself a new name and some plastic surgery.

  13. Dorothy hudecek · ·

    Justice WILL get Justice. Thankss so much for the video.

  14. Pissed Of Lady · ·

    That guy is a jerk, I hope his karma will turn on him, and soon.

  15. Anne Streeter · ·

    Tim you are a sick monster!

  16. Maggie · ·

    OMG, so sad. The ONLY good thing about Justice’s death is it was quick, not in a slaughter house.

    1. the problem is it wasent a quick and painless death, if you look at the video he shot the horse below the brain where the eye cavity is, so it was a slow and painful death. so sad 😦

  17. I have rarely seen such a heartless monstrous description of feigned affection for another living soul. One can only wonder at the life history that created the sorry sickened soul you have become. You do not speak for the good hearted folks that have learned how to forge a bond with the horse.
    You do speak for the groups of soulless humankind pretending to be horsemen, who have no affections but for themselves and their sickened concepts of right, wrong and what passes in their small minds as fair play. One can only pray that you do not find yourself in the same circumstances where your fate at the end of your years is placed into the hands of someone as heartless and ignorant as you.

    1. well said redmm97!

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