Tighter controls needed on horse meat imports

Posted by Laura Rayner 76.80pc on March 22, 2013

It has been revealed that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat originating from the United States, which may be tained with banned veterinary drugs, are being imported into Europe for human consumption.

Horse 96 - USDA slaughter tag in kill box at Les Petits-Nations, Quebec July 2011 - photo CHDC

Horse 96 – USDA slaughter tag in kill box at Les Petits-Nations, Quebec July 2011 – photo CHDC

 As there are no operating slaughter plants for horses in the USA, growing numbers of American horses are being live-shipped to Canada and Mexico, where they are slaughtered and then sent to Europe.

 Unlike Europe, where a horse must have a passport identifying its origin and listing medications it has received, there is no such US system. Instead, any American selling a horse to Mexico or Canada must simply declare it has received no substances making it unfit for use as food. Campaigners say this system is ripe for abuse.

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  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Surely with all the media attention [televiesd, print, radio] the Europeans have finally figured out the FACT they have been consuming TAINTED Horse meat, compliments of no other than HARPER and his go boy RITZ.
    It says something about the lack of ethical values these two have, when they see fit to export TAINTED Horse meat abroad. This does not even begin to address how we as Canadians are regarded by those who have been consuming this comprimised meat. SHAMEFULL INDEED.

  2. Interesting about Fort MacLeod cattle and buffalo, that’s what Bouvry started out with but when BSE happened he got THOUSANDS in provincial compensation for “losses” so then he switched to killing horses. Why doesn’t he just go back to France and leave our horses alone????

  3. Look at that poor sweet soul in this picture having enough time to look around the corner of the knock box to probably witness the butchering, and smell the scent of death. Why does the horror continue??

    1. jean robertson · ·

      One good thing the nut case in Texas has done is bring more attention to horse slaughter. I do hope someone burns the place down.
      “Flewelling said the Lacombe plant stopped processing horses for 3 weeks, Fort Macleod began slaughtering more cattle and buffalo after export demand for horse meat dropped.” The live price is down to 25 to 30 cents per pound. ( Western Producer March 14)
      With the Europeans becoming more informed No market = no slaughter.

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