Dr. Oz on the horsemeat scandal

Dr. Oz recently discussed the horsemeat scandal.

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  1. Debbie · ·

    What a shame he really does not have all the facts and yet has the nerve to still give his opinion!! Miss Opray’s little man, what a joke REALLY, not going to waste my time trying to educate him idiot!!

  2. Mary Croft · ·

    This is the same moron who is touting the incredible benefits of palm oil…meanwhile whole countries are being deforested at an alarming rate for this over-used product, to the detriment of the earth and the forests’ inhabitants (both human and animal).

  3. Shirley Chalmers · ·

    Dr Oz, I did not see your show but everyone is screaming about it on my facebook. Horses are very special animals that have carried us and fought our wars and been our dear companions. They deserve to be managed by each town. New hampshire now has a 0 kill rate with cats and dogs and horses need to be regulated too. We raise them and then kill buyers buy them and they drive them over our borders to suffer a horrific death. Owners usually being duped. I’ve been told to not try to get compassion from people. I’ve been told to tell them it is not safe to eat their meat. Bute is often prescribed as well as many drugs by vets. The kill buyers have no idea what the horse has been given. They are fudging the records so they will get money and they are getting horses for free from unsuspecting owners. The owners think they are going to a good home. They are also stolen from owner pastures. This has to be stopped.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    Dr.Ozz, the video my wife and i watched on your show indicated Part1. Let,s hope when you do part 2 you take the time to hear from both sides of this barbaric industry. Take the time to INVESTIGATE THE REAL TRUTH,S around the barbaric , corrupt and seedy industry that 80+% of the U.S. PUBLIC and 78+% of the Canadian PUBLIC are demanding be banned.
    As dedicated viewers of your show, we were truly dissappointed in your FAILURE to represent the REALITY OF THIS ATROCITY around the cruel transport and barbaric slaughter practices these animals endure at the hands of Alberta and Quebec.

  5. EVERYONE needs to go to his website & set him straight on the misrepresentation during his show then spell it out. The one thing I heard was the male guest calling it euthanasia – LIE!! Also, why did he not have someone who represents the 80% or more that don’t want the slaughtering of horses or their transport over borders for it?
    I believe if he gets enough comments he will either comment or have more guests on this topic….

    1. Peppermint · ·

      Done as soon as I was disappointed by his comment that horsemeat was safe to eat. Agreed everyone needs to reply his research is inadequate and lacking both sides of the horrors of equine slaughter.

  6. gasafehorses · ·

    What a very sad misrepresentation of the facts regarding the slaughter of horses and the safety of horsemeat.  After reading the book “Slaughterhouse” 10 years ago I am not a meat eater.  So shocked that Dr. Oz failed the horses.  Count me out his info is not correct and his show is a waste of my time.  Shame on Dr. Oz.

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