US Moves Forward – Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE)

Paint at Bouvry Exports Calgary owned Shelby MT feedlot - photo Tiershcutzbund

Paint at Bouvry Exports Calgary owned Shelby MT feedlot Oct 2012 – photo Tiershcutzbund

News from the U.S. regarding bills to end the exports of horses to other countries, including Canada, for slaughter.

Please go here to read the EWA news release.

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  1. karen123 · ·

    It’s an excellent Federal Bill and I am confident it will pass. However, we still have to have horse/equine rescues, because unfortunately American Kill Buyers can get around this law. They can claim the horses/equines are for riding/harness/leather/petting zoos/entertainment, etc. and still transport the animals across U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico to a third party who then takes them to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Hopefully, Canada and Mexico will close and keep closed their horse slaughterhouses. Canada, Mexico and the United States must all work together, and hopefully overseas countries as well.

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