Highway horse hazards

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Horses on Highway 97 - Global News

Horses on Highway 97 – Global News

The deaths of two horses hit by a truck on Highway 97 near Penticton, BC, has renewed calls to rein in a safety problem that has gone on for years.

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  1. jean robertson · ·

    Theresa, the spca most likely say they can’t go on native land but they can if they really are so inclined. They took horses off of reserve land here about 10 years ago. If you could find a member of the RCMP with a basic knowledge of horses and get him or her involved something might get done. The RCMP has more power than the spca. As long as it is the horses that are being killed and not humans everyone will look the other way.
    What ever happened to getting some posts, digging a few holes and stringing up some wire to keep the horses off the highway. Surely, there are enough people around doing nothing that would enjoy some fresh air and exercise while putting up a fence.

  2. Lin Month · ·

    Take up a collection on Facebook to build a fence right away. I’m sure enough money could be collected across Canada

  3. Theresa Nolet · ·

    If anyone has any ideas or wants to join me in this fight to get these horses looked after properly please contact me Theresa Nolet at jardinantiques@gmail.com. Most of the video clips in this news piece were provided by myself over the years. Here is the full clip of the horses in front of the West Bench Elementary School last fall. Can someone tell me why this is allowed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW02EKRcDz0

  4. Linda L · ·

    How can you NOT SEE a horse on the road!!.. In many province they put high fence to protect deer and moose.. So why it should take years to solve the problem??? It’s been over 10 or even 20 years since they started to put fences all along the highway to protect animals… And they can be bog Road Warning or even lower the speed limit for section that horses are more frequent… Then again the goverment is never in a hurry.. :-((

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