HSI/Canada and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Call for a Ban on Horse Slaughter as Phenylbutazone is Detected in Canadian Horsemeat

MONTREAL— Humane Society International/Canada and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition are renewing calls for an immediate federal prohibition on the slaughter, sale, transport and live export of horses for human consumption, after traces of phenylbutazone were recently found in Canadian horsemeat exported to Switzerland. Routine sample testing in a laboratory in Berne detected residue of the drug, which is strictly banned from the food chain due to toxic reactions it can cause in humans, leading to potentially fatal adverse effects such as aplastic anemia.

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  1. Here’s another, Jo-Anne, from CP24 “2200 dead pigs were found in Shanghai’s water supply”.. Yummy:(

  2. Jo-Anne Ward · ·

    CP24 Headlines Today:
    ‘Ottawa warns of retaliation if the US brings in new rule on how beef & pork products are labelled’.
    ‘American proposal would require foreign producers to list where animal born,raised,&slaughtered’.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      Would it work if all horses were micro chipped?? If they weren’t micro chipped they wouldn’t be accepted for slaughter. All paper work can be falsified.

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