The Source of Horse: A Shadowy Market Ripe for Exploitation

British Author Susanna Forrest on the Horsemeat Scandal in Europe

Man rides his horse-driven cart in front of Doly-Com meat plant in Roma village

Horse drawn cart in front of Doly-Com meat plant in Romania – Reuters

Europe’s horsemeat scandal is the product of our quest to source cheap red meat for the working man. It casts light on the often shadowy equine trade across Europe and how horses have become victims of changing times and the economic crisis.

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  1. Horses have faithfully helped and worked with humans for eons. They are loved and cherished as pets and they must never, ever be food for humans. I do not eat animals, fish, seafood, birds, frogs, bunnies. The reason for this is: How does one decide which is a pet to be loved and cherished, and which is food? I can’t decide ergo, all have pet status with me.

  2. Mary Croft · ·

    Everything humankind touches is ultimately ruined.

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