The dark world of nurse mare foals

Foals at Last Chance Corral

Foals at Last Chance Corral

Another dirty secret of the horse industry.


  1. crystal Morris · ·

    The horse has been the backbone and the founding foundations of Canada and the united states. All of you politicians all to put a stop to the slaughter of horses but you all are so damn ignorant for letting it go on. I guess you all don’t care to much about the nations history or how the nations founding fathers got around.

  2. Ya we know, Another dirty secret of the horse industry. Lies and greed by self serving, ice cold calculating low life creeps, the DISGUST of it all doesn’t seem to end.

  3. Another “dirty” industry secret. Shame on the horse racing world. The mare loses her baby. The foal loses her mother. To industry they are just machines, past around, toss around, just objects, making someone money. Horses are exploited everywhere – greed – the desire for money and no morals!


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