Animal Welfare Foundation/Tierschutzbund & Animals’ Angels release important reports on North America’s slaughter industry

Several months ago, the CHDC was privileged to provide video evidence and other information to Tierschutzbund/Animal Welfare Foundation (Switzerland) and Animals’ Angels (USA), in order to assist them with compiling their hard-hitting, recently released investigative report focusing on slaughter-bound horses from the US and Canada.

Mares and foals at Shelby feedlot Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund

Mares and foals at Shelby feedlot Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund

Tierschutzbund has released their video report which was broadcast on Swiss television on Tuesday February 19th in conjunction with the release by Animals’ Angels.
While the videos are in German, the message is clear – industry saying that all’s well in the happy land of horse slaughter, yet the images and reality speak for themselves.  Viewers be warned – images may be disturbing.

Slaughter-bound horses going to Bouvry Exports, Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund

Slaughter-bound horses going to Bouvry Exports, Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund

Tierschutzbund also has an extended video on YouTube which can be seen here.

To learn more about Tierschutzbund please click here.

This article gives more information about the Tierschutzbund expose.

Grey horse - Shelby feedlot, Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund

Grey horse – Shelby feedlot, Oct 2012, photo courtesy of Tierschutzbund


  1. It has recently come to pass that even the Queen Of England (unbeknownst to her) is being poisoned with toxic horsemeat. Who is next? Who is responsible? Canada’s politicians?

  2. I wish everyone would get on their horses and go to the seat of government to let them know you are not going to stand for this barbaric industry. It’s not just Canada. Some American states want to start slaughter again and of course we ship our horses to Canada and Mexico. It’s time this barbaric industry was stopped!

  3. Dennis Davey · ·

    Heather, i to have written two conservative MP in my area, with NO reply from them. Its obvious they are trying to hide from the PUBLIC the fact that they supported this BARBARIC industry, and further are hiding the fact that taxpayer money was and still is used to support this BARBARIC industry. However you can have the last word on this issue WITH YOUR VOTE NEXT ELECTION, i know i WILL as many of my friends and family WILL.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    I is interesting that the Canadian National News has not reported on this MASSIVE story in DEPTH for the Canadian PUBLIC, it is further interesting that there is little if any interest from our Federal Poilicans who CLAIM to be opposed to this taxpayer supported BARBARIC industry. One would expect to see them speaking on this issue in the national news.
    Contact- CBC.CA as i have done and encourage them to report on this story IN DEPTH, after all there is no denying that this govt. supports this BARBARIC industry that they have contributed to, shamefully making Canada the LARGEST supplier of Horse meat in the world.
    Contact a politician and demand they speak on this issue on a National News Program.

    1. I have written several times to my MP and I always get the same answer…it is an industry that is necessary for the end of life for unwanted and starving horses and has the CFIA ensuring animals are safely and humanely slaughtered. Even when I sent in a story PROVING that a horse that was recently slaughtered had bute in it’s system, this Conservative MP did not reply. The only way we can stop this madness is get so many signatures for Alex Atamenenkoo’s bill C322 and force the government to listen.

  5. Dennis Davey · ·

    With Animals Angels, CHDC, and a PUBLIC that is aware of what is ACTUALLY going on, knowing the Canadian Agriculture Ministry and the CFIA are participating and supporting this BARBARIC industry with your tax dollars, perhaps the PUBLIC OUTRAGE WILL PREVAIL.

  6. Thank you for aiding in the investigation done by Animals Angels and Tierschutzbund. This is a great piece and I am sharing.

    1. Brandi, you guys move mountains! Thank you for all you do. Exposure, pressure, awareness – one day it will end – one day for all us horse warriors we will have peace in our hearts – one day!

      1. Thank you Marie. We so appreciate all the support. I too believe that this will end, and all of us are in this to the end. I think that when it is found out that some of this may be happening in North America, we will get more attention.

  7. The CHDC goes to the end of the globe to tell the story of how our horses are slaughtered in Canada. Exposure and awareness will end the horror and hopefully the business. Here is the google link to be able to translate. Just copy the words from the story in the google link and you will be able to understand the true success of this exposure.
    The video is a must see – it shows country after country violating. Such cruelty around the world – a disgrace – it is a global crisis! Canada, we are ashamed of you, we are ashamed of your part in this horror story!
    Thank you Canadian Horse Defence Coalition for providing the exposure to shut this repulsive business down!

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