Consumption of Horsemeat in France Has Been on Steady Decline

horse_meatIn this Reuters news story today, it’s reported that the French now consume less than 300 grams (0.66 lbs) of horsemeat per person per year, a fifth of what they ate 30 years ago and less than 1 percent of the total meat they consume.  While fans say horsemeat is high in iron and more organic than mass-produced beef or battery hens, horse butchers are now a rarity.
At the end of the article is a poll asking, Would You Eat Horsemeat?  At the time of this posting, the NOs are the majority at 72%.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Perhaps if those in Europe, who consume this product actually knew how drug contaminated Horse meat is this corrupt and seedy industry would be banned. For corrucption one only has to look at Quebec and Alberta who are KNOWINGLY exporting contaminated Horse meat to Europeans to consume. When it comes to the countries in Europe who provide contaminated Horse meat the corruption it seems is rampant.

  2. · ·

    A good and steady decline until it is totally gone is great news…………. Thanks for the update Teresa

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