Callaway Feeds Promotes CHDC and Horse Welfare on February 16th

Callaway FeedsCallaway Feeds will host a fundraising event to benefit the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition this Saturday, February 16th.  The event will also be an open house for Callaway’s new location.
Callaway Feeds recently moved to a new location near Waterford, Ontario on Concession 7, offering a 1,000-square-foot store.
“I can run full retail now,” said Kelly Callaway, who gave up factory work in 2009 to re-open the family business. His father operated Callaway Feeds for 39 years on Baptist Church Road near Onondaga.  The store now offers a variety of feeds and farming equipment. Whatever a customer wants, I try to get it,” said Callaway.
Thanks to loyal CHDC supporter, Marie Dean, and Callaway Feeds for helping horses and the CHDC.  If you’re in the Brantford region, drop in and say hi!

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