Last Steps

Horse in stun box LPN July 2011

Horse in stun box LPN July 2011

After viewing exhaustive hours of kill line footage from the Pasture to Plate investigation in 2011, it took an emotional toll on the CHDC documentation team.  Watching horse after horse take their final steps to the metal wall before them, brought overwhelming feelings of anger and helplessness.  We documented the footage so their story would be told.  CHDC director Shelley Grainger wrote this poem for them.

Last Steps
Who asked for you to run this Earth?
First wobbly steps at your loving mother’s side
They gazed in wonder at your beauty
Shaky steps turned into powerful strides
Across the fields, flying without wings
Wherever they asked you to run, no matter
You obeyed with trust and sense of duty
How many strides have you run for them?
How many proud moments did you deliver?
Nothing asked in return, always there to perform
Now here, this frightening and unfamiliar ground
Nothing of this Earth, this cold metal world
Every step a tentative one
No chance to revolt, it’s too late now
If you could turn and run, don’t stop, don’t look back
But now you are here, delivered to walk these final steps
Fulfilling man’s dream, denying the betrayal that cannot be
Destined to hit that wall – no steps beyond
Never to fly again, this metal wall you’ll never pass
Your steps will be as shaky as your first steps at your mother’s side
It ends right here – but the buck won’t stop here
Not until you’re frozen in a moment, never to move again
Maimed, mutilated, ready to be devoured
“Betrayal” does not describe the injustice
Beyond this wall, your world is gone
Not an invisible rainbow bridge
But a barrier that blocks all life beyond it
And you’ll be no more


  1. Ditto to all above….twittering

  2. Your poem tells it all. All of these horses are begging for mercy, for their life only to be killed. This is sickening to my heart. All of these horses are beautiful and served man well only to be disregard like pieces of garbage. What has this world come to. Heartless and cruel we treat the horses. I will keep my horse close to me so she never ends up in a kill box.

  3. The CHDC is filled with tender soft hearted people that are exposing “their” souls to the dark side to bear witness to the horror with the hope of bringing awareness and change. You can bet they have lost years off their own lives for having to witness such crimes on the innocent. Thank you CHDC for your personal sacrifices to help our beautiful horses! Lv ❤

  4. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you….with each passing day I am becoming more convinced that animals are the only true and untainted beings on this planet.

  5. Blessings on the souls of the innocent, now passed on to the ‘nother places. Their lives have been taken mercilessly by the greedy hands of men. These men should be deeply ashamed. Blessings on those who from a place of empathy and compassion take action to protect, defend and lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves. ~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits.”

  6. Sinikka and all those who stand alongside you…I cannot thank you enough for your courage and strength to bear ” witness ” to the brutal terrifying slaughter of these precious horses I know the rage and pain you must feel

    I also can’t imagine where and how you find the will and heart to be there for them

    Please know how dearly I cherish and appreciate that you do this for them I know on some level far away they know you love and pray for them, as I do and we all do They know you are there for them!

    My ” thank you” to you all seems so small for all you do but never the less I thank you from my heart for being there them

    God in heaven are many and we will and do stand together and we will get this murder stopped finally for ever

    Sarah in Victoria BC

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you Shelley, so very well said! I still think that $ every $ single $ commercially $ based $ horse $ breeder $ throughout $ America $ should be
    LEGALLY REQUIRED to watch slaughter footage before being issued their ANNUAL BREEDERS
    LICENCE. It would be so cool to see hefty FINES imposed on Breeders who continually provide over-stock of unwanted horse population due to their own illusions of $$$ Glory $$$.

    1. Well said, took the word out of my, and many others mouths.

  8. Heartbreaking poem. I don’t know how any horse lover could be there and watch horse after horse, take it’s last steps. It tears at me just knowing that this is happening to our beloved horses. Horses that have taught us, carried us, helped us survive, given their all to us, not just as individual people but to the world as a whole. It is such a shame. We need people to stop mass breeding for sports and only breed the best to the best, as well as leave the wild ones alone to build and evolve as nature intended.

  9. Heartbreaking and as much as my remote participation in support of the cause to stop this saddens me, I cannot even imagine the suffering of those caring people on the front lines trying to stop this horrible inhumanity to horses. God bless them for they are angels.



  11. rescueriders · ·

    Excellent poem. Really expresses the problem. How we betray those that trust us.

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