Supporter Finds Contradictions in Horse Welfare Alliance Article

HorsesInKillPenAtOLEXHorse welfare advocate Laura Cull shares her response in this letter to a recent article by Bill DesBarres, Chair of the paradoxically named pro-slaughter group, the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada. 
“The Great Horse Slaughter Debate” was published in the Equine Consumers’ Guide 2012 and can be read in this August 30, 2012 blog post by Heather Clemenceau called, “The Irony, It Burns! Bill DesBarres Still Whitewashing Horse Slaughter”.
Thank you Laura for speaking out for the horses!


  1. Dr. Temple Grandin is over-rated. In late 2011, when interviewed by my sister, Vickery Eckhoff, Grandin did not know what phenylbutazone was (see Vickery’s brand new blog about the dangers of horsemeat on her blog at I, for one, do not believe that Dr. Grandin understands animals in any particularly extraordinary way
    . She just thinks she does, and she talks a good game. Her lack of knowledge (of something as basic to horses as “bute”) seems to fall into the category of the meat industry (or the government agencies that “regulate” them) not being interested in the health issues of horsemeat. Nevermind the fact that horses are not cows and that kill boxes designed for cattle have nothing to do with the anatomy or behavior of horses. Or that horse slaughter is not humane and that we don’t want here in the US or in Canada.

  2. Shelley Bryant · ·

    That was an amazing article and very well written. Thank you Laura

  3. Mary Croft · ·

    Thank you Laura……well written.

  4. lindabadham · ·

    world wide horses have served man as dogs have as many animals have. to SLAUGHTER any animal is sickening to me. To do this in a cruel way is more sickening to me. to have no morals and no compassion is heart breaking. and even more sickening to me. theres no justification in any SLAUGHTER ! respect animals as you do humans, we are all of the same life force but just in a different physical body. because the animals have no voice does not lesser them of importance. thay are treated as objects and commodities and this is wrong.until the cruel human accepts this then probably there will be no change. to eat your friend or who has been of service to you is moral less. to eat any animal is moralless to me. thats just my opinion and how i feel. the world really needs to evolve spiritually and grow spiritually. some humans are spiritually blind/deaf or dead. they will have a wake up call. at the end of the day CRUELTY is wrong to anything that breathes.

    1. SunnyGADay · ·

      Well said! How anyone can look into the soulful eyes of a horse and then slaughter it and live with themselves is beyond me.

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