2012 Statistics Show Horse Slaughter on a Decline Since 2011

The CHDC has been provided with updated statistics to the end of 2012 from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC). 

Fear whites of eyes 1This chart provides data from 2006 to 2012.  Last year there were 82,175 horses slaughtered in Canada – a 7.5% drop over 2011.  AAFC also advised that up to the end of November 2012, 52,541 horses to slaughter were imported from the U.S. 

This translates to 70% of the total number of horses slaughtered in Canada (of the 75,131 to the end of November).   So while U.S. imports are up (from 67% last year), there is an overall decline, and thus a larger decline in the number of Canadian horses sent to slaughter. 


  1. Natasha · ·

    I own horses and love them dearly, but I must ask this. Do any of you stop to think about the how the numbers of mistreated and starved horses has risen since slaughter plants were shut in the US? Many horses were let to go free for various reasons, and many were used as target practice by hunters or are starving because they are having a very hard time fending for themselves.
    A person must also ask, what will happen to the horses that have no where to go and are being mistreated? I do not like the thought of a horse going for slaughter, by I it hurts me even more to see an animal suffer from abuse or starved because they have no where to go. There are not enough people out there that can take in the number of horses that are and will become unwanted. There are also those horses that because of health issues or accidents would suffer more to live. These horses are better to go to a slaughter house, then suffer in a pasture.

    1. No that’s no an acceptable option. We the people in the US made this problem and it’s up to all of us, horse people or not to fix the problem, starting with the core of the issues at hand. Saying it’s ok to slaughter to resolve a problem is not a fix, it’s a cop out excuse because the bigger issue is being avoided! People in general need to be held accountable for their actions…you can’t have a baby and throw it away like yesterdays garbage and get away with it. If people want to own a horse or breed horses for what ever their reasons, their are responsibilities that come with such decisions. It’s time people use compassion, common sense and most of all responsibility for the decisions they make. Once done it can not be reversed…they need to deal with it. Their horse is sick than Euthanize it by injection. That’s a price they pay to own a horse or any animal for that matter. When a child is sick or terminally ill, we bare the costs emotionally, mentally and financially. That’s the way it is! We have too many people looking for ways out of their responsibilities…they point fingers and look for ways to avoid taking responsibility for decisions they had a choice in making. When they realize they made a mistake or took on more than they can chew, they make more bad choices and than try to convince others by justifying their wrong doing in an effort to clear their own Conscious. It’s clear and simple answer but people would rather run circles around the issues at hand than actual deal with them. Our society has become blaming and pointing fingers…no one wants to take responsibility for their screw ups!

  2. […] point of fact, according to these charts from the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition Blog, horse slaughter is showing a downward trend in Canada (wooo! Go Canada!) -although, without seeing […]

  3. jean robertson · ·

    This weeks Western Producer has 5 ads for horses, one quarter horse, one percheron, one holsteiner, one belgian and one pony. In previous years there would have been 50 or more ads mostly quarter horses. With calves bringing $500 and more at auctions, one would have to be really foolish to continue breeding horses at rock bottom prices.

  4. Barbara Griffith · ·

    If horses from the US is stopped this summer, hopefully , that means that two or three slaughter plants will be closing in Canada. There is no way that four plants can operate with only the amount of horses in Canada that is sent to be killed. Unless more people try to start raising them like cattle for slaughter.

  5. Tommy Lee · ·

    Human Greed is a sin and to slaughter the horse is a slap in the face to the grace of God.

  6. Shirley Smith · ·

    Hopefully horse slaughter will stop in this year we can all pray it does:( Horses have done so much for us thru the years and deserve a life:)

  7. Tammie Luzier Glick · ·

    it’s all about the MIGHTY DOLLAR and HEARTLESS people who slaughter our horses….does anyone not remember the old testament in there Bible??? you DON’T EAT any animal that doesn’t have a split hoof…last time I checked my horses OR any horse…. they DON’T
    have a slit hoof!!!

  8. There’s actually been a downward trend since 2008, due partly to plants closing, but 2011 saw a slight increase over 2010. Good news is the significant drop in recent months, which we can only hope will continue. I’ve worked on the numbers for the # of Canadian horses in 2011 vs. 2012, and there’s an approximate 10% decrease for Canadian horses.



    1. GASafeHorses · ·

      As the owner/adopter of two OTTB’s saved from the new holland slaughter auction…you said that right! There can only be a special hell for those who injure and kill our precious horses.

  10. Eva Schneider · ·

    I can’t belive-why we are so cruel???????

    1. GASafeHorses · ·

      Agreed now is the time to end this forever!

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