Kawartha Lakes Region Kill Buyer Posing as Good Intentioned Buyer is Selling Horses for Meat

From Trentriders.com Posted January 9, 2013

This situation has been addressed on Trentriders.com a few times, however it is still ongoing and people need to become aware of how they can try to protect themselves and their horses from this type of unethical dealing.

There is an individual in the Kawartha Lakes area that looks for individuals giving away free or inexpensive horses. He tells the owners that he is looking for a companion for his horse. He may also say that he is looking for broodmares or a horse to train etc.

He is not just taking horses from this area. He is taking them from throughout Ontario.  This person even claims to have a rescue in Ottawa, sending him two horses a month to place for them.  The horses are going directly to meat.  

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  1. Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot name names online. Anyone in the south Ontario region who would be affected, and would like more information, please contact the CHDC at info@defendhorsescanada.org. Thank you.

  2. maureen johnston · ·

    This has been going on in Kawartha lakes for a while.
    There is also another person ,”Steve”, a short skinny guy and his girl friend doing the same thing. He has a pickup truck and a stock trailer, often picking up the horses himself. He was in the Madoc area also.

  3. Paul Coupland · ·

    Rename this article for what this situation actually is:
    Horse Meat Dealer Misrepresenting Themselves as a Loving Horse Purchaser Actually Taking Horses Home to Kill for Meat!

    If this fraudulent person is misrepresenting themselves in the Kawartha Lakes Region, it is also highly prossible that they are going around to other regions in Ontario (& perhaps Quebec) to get meat horses inexpensively, then trucking them home for slaughter!
    Why not expose this person for who they actually are and where they come from, so that the OPP can throw them into jail & fine them? People who kill our beloved horses may also be cruel to other animals & perhaps abuse their own spouse & children.
    Considering that horses are family, I would consider doing the following:
    1 Note down the fraudulent person’s complete vehicle information (license number, full description of their vehicle) – as well as the date, time & location of the fraudulent activity – together with the names & contact information of the other witnesses to this fraudulence to back it up.
    2 Contact the Authorities, for example the RCMP Antifraud centre http://www.antifraudcentre.ca
    3 Contact your local OPP detachment & ask them to advise you in how to trap this person who is taking advantage of loving horse owners & misusing these beloved animals of ours for meat slaughter! Ask them if it is OK for you to take a picture of this fraudulent person with your cell phone & if it is, send it to them together with the other information that you have gathered as evidence against this vicious perpetrator of harm to our beloved horses.
    4 Ask the OPP to run the vehicle license plate information in their computer system – so that they can get the person’s name & physical address & perhaps criminal record (if any).
    5 Have the OPP & other Government Officials go visit this person & inspect their premises – wherever they are – to gather evidence of animal cruelty.
    6 Back up the various government Bodies & Agencies when they take this person to Court, so that they can be stopped in their tracks!
    If we all work together, we can protect our beloved horses from killers like these!

  4. Agree with all your comments. This POS knows what he is doing is WRONG thats why the lies…for that, it is theft & he should be outed & charged! Agree totally Jo-Anne!

  5. Jo-Anne · ·

    Licence plates on vehicle are sometimes good story tellers too. I read a plate on back of Mercedes a while ago and it said ” was his “. I guess the divorce worked out in her favour!
    Ya no doubt, societies low life who continue to play their role in ugly, ugly horse slaughter nightmare need to be exposed – by any means available.

  6. Do you really think they are going to give their real names? With respect ” get real”

    1. SafeGAHorses · ·

      Don’t you have driver’s license in Canada? Ask for it get the info. Then state you will do follow up visits. I would.

  7. Mary Croft · ·

    This excuse for a human being is a thief, a liar, a traitor….scum of the earth.

  8. Paul Coupland · ·

    Why not expose this person’s name & where they live? They deserve to be exposed, just as pedophiles are! Horses are family!

    1. SafeGAHorses · ·


      1. jean robertson · ·

        The meat buyers that make a living buying horses have names and will produce driver licenses. The scum buyers that take free horses or cheap horses under false pretentions are criminals preying on the horse owner’s bad luck.
        Don’t give your horse or any other animal away without identification.
        I agree with Paul, this person’s name should be made public.

    2. Jo-Anne · ·

      We all agree that real identity of all horse dealers .. ..and /or meat dealers… should be public information. We seriously have to do much more for our horses…microchipping…
      getting livestock classification dropped-we know their not really food!…throw Gerry Ritz crackers out….PM .Stephen Harpers wife(or exwife?) is a horse lover… she fosters kitties
      at Ottawa Humane Society…we really do have to do much more for Canada’s horses….
      If we don’t rally more huge numbers together for Bill c-322 then, all this bullshit is just never going to end. I don’t see a choice.

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