The cost of keeping horse slaughter going in Canada

Paint in holding pen LPNHave you ever wondered how much it costs the Federal government to keep the horse slaughter industry operational in Canada?

Thanks to the efforts of MP Alex Atamanenko, we now have the answer.  Inspections enabling the slaughter of our horses to continue are costing over one million dollars annually.

As a taxpayer, whether you want to or not, you are helping to fund this industry.

Please read the question and the government’s response here.  The horses need constituents and taxpayers to lobby on their behalf.  Don’t delay – contact your Member of Parliament now and ask them to support Bill C-322!

Explain that funding horse slaughter is not an acceptable use of your  tax dollars and you want this industry to end.

For the horses.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    Michael Young, you couldnt have said it any better. U.S. and Canadian anti Horse slaughter organizations coming together means ADDITIONAL RESOURCES for exposure in TV, Radio, Print Media and BillBoards

  2. Dennis Davey · ·

    This is nothing more than a seedy,cruel barbaric industry. It is supported by a right wing Conservative govt, with our tax dollars. It is an industry benefitting the very few[ C. Bouvry] in opposition to the very many. Its amazing the likes of those such as Allison Redford of Alberta, Canadas first and hopefully only EMPORER, and all the EMPORERS men do not even wish to be associated with what they are responsible for supporting. I would think that they woud be proud of their accomplishmenrs and boast about it to the Canadian PUBLIC.
    Hell this is the same EMPORER, who knowingly turns a blind eye to Dog and Cat fur entering Canada from his new found friends in China, who slaughter these animals in unspeakable barbaric ways.

  3. Michael YOung · ·

    Frank. It seems you are in favor of slaughtering horses. Do you understand how much inhumane treatment there is in this process? Please educate yourself and you will find you won’t like what is going on. M

  4. I would tend to agree with may of you who complain that the money from the goverment is miss mannaged. To spend that much money on so few horses being killed seems extream. There must be a lot of red tape and inspections required. I guess it shows that standards are generly high, and indicated by ticketing to maintain such a high standard.
    However it would be nice if the goverment would focus on its demestic food supply more. shipping the horse meet over seas does nothing to maintain a quality health food supply here at home. If the goverment did a better job at marketing such a high quality product from suplus live stock, meat prices would be lower allowiing fewer canadians to go hungery. So much effort is put into maintian healthy animals it is a shame to see all that food go over see’s. Plus if more people here in canada ate the meat the scale of the slaughter could grow providing more income for horse farmers and jobs for canadain’s, while minimizing the waste of farmland and farm feeds that curently go into horses with very little useful out comes.
    As to food saftey standard horse meat is not more of an issue then any other food if managed properly.
    Those that say use the money to feed the horses, that is no diffurent the burning money, Maybe mandate lower reproduction rates to reduce the national horse herd if not used for food, so we can grow food and other products on the land.

  5. Suzanne Moore · ·

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  6. Michael C Young · ·

    The USA and Canadian anti-slaughter people need to get together and stop this madness!

  7. debbie catalina · ·

    should point out those sluaghter companies probably aren’t paying back even a small percentage in taxes, so slaughter is clearly just another government giveaway to the rich…while people go hungry

  8. Jo-Anne · ·

    This needs to be said at least $$ one million more times $$
    Actually far more. I do not believe for a second, that the majority of Canadians want horse slaughter in Canada at all. Myself, having no experience with horses until mid-forties when I bought into $ the $ thoroughbred $ racing $ game. Hard to believe now, how excited I was about having owner silks. Truthfully, however naive sounding, I never investigated what really happened to most race horses when finished competing and/or reproducing. Rude awakening,
    $ the $ whole $ slaughter $ game. ALL HORSES NEED OUR VOICE. What other farm livestock do you break, name, put a halter on, a blanket on, a saddle on, shoes on, lead around, train, show, travel with, demand work from…etc.. Hay, perhaps they raced and made $ 0 dollars, maybe they raced and made $ 500K whatever….no horse deserves cruel, horrifying death from slaughter.
    Alex said it well, ” A practice that is barbaric and morally repensible”

  9. While this argument has it’s valid points, I think it would make much more sense to regulate the reckless breeding of horses and therefore reduce the necessity of having a place to send the inferior stock to…. Many horses in today’s industry are simply not worth breeding and instead of being used for a good trail animal or simply even a pet, they are bred and thus forced to perpetuate problems such as lameness, arthritis, and other unsoundnesses. If, instead, responsible owners would do their research or else leave breeding up to serious, knowledgable breeders, we would not require a place to dispose of the animals that are not fit to breed or ride. There is a serious over-population problem with domestic horses and if the slaughterhouses are shut down, owners who, for any reason, can no longer keep their horses will be forced to dispose of them the next best way – by shooting them and leaving them for the scavengers to clean up. Seriously, is that what you want to see?

    1. Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., M.D. · ·

      All horse owners need to do is to call the vet and have the horse euthanized humanely by chemical overdose. Then you call the rendering truck and have the dead horse picked up or you call your friendly farmer with a backhoe and bury the horse on your farm.

      1. Suzanne Moore · ·

        RIGHT? Where did the word “responsibility” go?

  10. marshall barclay · ·

    I do not like the use of Tax dollars being used to subsidize the slaughting of horses to feed anything .This is wrong and tax dollars should be put to use showing people how to grow and raise their own source of food .Atleast if you teach some they stand a better chance of having food sources all the time because someday the horse buffet will end ,sicko’s Dillan57

  11. Roberta Weeks · ·

    I thought that the argument of The whole Wild Mustang slaughter was because wild Mustangs coast to much of the tax payers money… So… now I find out that our tax money is going to keep the slaughter houses in Canada OPEN!!?? If they stopped slaughtering our horses then that money could go to the deficit! right!!? and our wild mustangs would be left alone!!!!!!! RIGHT!!?

  12. Betty S · ·

    The one million dollars it costs the govt. to keep the horse slaughter going could be put to much better use in helping the owners of the horses to feed and care for them. That would be a happy story; one the govt. could be proud of instead of an inhumane, heartbreaking, forror story that the govt. should be ashamed of!

  13. It also costs you the threat and fact of other tainted meat getting into the food chain!!!! Horse slaughter is good ONLY for the slaughter houses…. bad for tax payers, the environment, the people who eat the meat, government officials who aren’t following their constituents’ desires… I could go on and on!

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