From Standardbred Canada – Exclusive – The Ugly Truth Behind OLG Bingo Expansion

Published: January 3, 2013
Trot Magazine editor Darryl Kaplan offers his take on the truth behind Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Modernization strategy and bingo expansion plan.

OLEX auction  November 2009 Standardbred sold to kill buyer

OLEX auction November 2009 Standardbred sold to kill buyer

The largest gaming expansion in the history of Ontario is taking place as we speak and one of the most controversial components to it, the bingo expansion, is not being adequately covered by our major media outlets.

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  1. The Ugly truth. Hmm Ontario does not want to subsidize the horse racing industry anymore. It’s not getting press because the kooks involved in the racing industry are screaming their asses off. What is this even doing on this blog…. gawd

    1. Jo-Anne · ·

      Abby, you probably already know this but anyhow, the horse race industry “kooks are screaming their asses off ” because they are now used to getting lots of free money! What happened is,
      slot money padded huge purses at horse racing tracks like Woodbine. Of course, that led to more
      over-breeding, as everybody and their brother (or father) expected their $win$ photos
      and/or $breeders$reward cheques.$ Supply of horses just added more$ to slaughter plant profits.

  2. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Contre les maltraitances des chevaux , LES LAISSER EN PAIX !

  3. When it counts – please remember to VOTE NDP – they are for the horses!!

    1. Jo-Anne · ·

      Yeah, nice pic of the standardbred sold to kill buyer at OLEX auction Nov 2009.
      I wonder if it was that creep (Albert De Sousa) who brought them that time.I had the awful experience of arguing with him one day at a farm in Caledon awhile back. Some of these Standardbred Canada dealers and owners are way worse than the average Thoroughbred puppymillers of racing. The father of one standardbred horse breeder I spoke with, actually had the nerve to tell me that his son had involvement with over 1,000 Ontario standardbred yearlings that had been produced for racing a few months back. When this guy told me that over the phone, I think my jaw dropped! At the time I had been calling around a bit about hay and ended up talking to this guy when I was given his number. Marie and everybody else! ( for email copies of Bill C-322 )
      that Alex’s office sent me, yes we have to put end to Horse Slaughter in Canada for good.

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