The PMU Industry: 2012 Year in Review

Written by Jane Allin

The year 2012 may have come to a close but the harrowing plight of the PMU horses certainly has not.

Canadian PMU foals rescued - photo by Vivan Grant Farrell

Canadian PMU foals rescued – photo by Vivan Grant Farrell

Despite the dwindling presence of PMU farms in North America, sales of the Premarin family of drugs derived from the urine of pregnant mares remain strong and Pfizer continues to reap in vast rewards at the expense of these innocent mares and foals.

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  1. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    It is unconscionable to exploit these mares for menopausal symptoms. Japanese women do not have these kinds of symptoms due to their different diet. As well, the hapless foals suffer as well as their mothers.

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  3. Mary Croft · ·

    Menopause is not a disease…but until we can educate the medical profession to treat women as whole human beings, very little will change.
    No doubt, some women experience miserable symptoms, however life style changes can overcome many problems.
    Additionally, our society is hell bent on viewing the aging process as a plague. It is not.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      When will women wake up and realize that pills don’t cure everything. In fact, they in a lot of cases create more problems like ovarian cancer. A pill made from plant material instead of mare urine is available that is much safer. Herbs also reduce menopause symptoms. We will be much healthier and live longer if we start eliminating the cause and quit treating the effect.
      The Premarin industry has been supplying the slaughter industry with a steady supply of foals for the last 60 or so years. Sadly, when the pressure is put on they move to countries with less or no regulations.

    2. Oh, truer words were never typed!!

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