Limeheart – a $120K yearling rescued for $0

By Susan Salk – December 31, 2012

There was nothing so remarkable to see, really, but Denise Matthews had to look twice.

Limeheart arrives at Matthews' farm

Limeheart arrives at Matthews’ farm

Plain and brown, the fragile mare had a body score of 2 out of 9 on the weight chart, meaning she had dwindled to a dangerously low weight;  she looked more like a tufted mutt who’d scampered from a back alley than the robust racehorse she once was.

“The thing, is, I’ve seen so many horses on Facebook who need help,” Matthews says.  “I probably keep up with 50 different rescues, and when I see pictures of these desperate horses, my heart goes out to every one of them.”

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  1. It’s disgusting that after working for people and making lots of money for the owners, tracks, etc., these beautiful animals are cast away like trash. Thank you for helping and raising awareness.

  2. She looks like a weedy yearling. She’ll have a long road ahead of her. Blessings to Denise, what a hero!
    Happy New Year, CHDC!
    To a time when these stories just don’t happen.
    Here’s her pedigree Limeheart

  3. The owner was going to euthanize her…. imagine if they were going to send her to an auction where, in all probability, she would have shipped to slaughter???? For 2012, over 160,000 American horses will have been slaughtered in Canada and Mexico – without counting the approximately 20,000 illegally slaughtered in Florida!!!!!

  4. Limeheart, <y prayers and thoughts are being sent your way.

  5. Peppermint · ·

    Every OTTB rescued is a true success story. I know I rescued two. These horses race for their lives then still have to fight to live where is the justice in that?

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