Shooting of Four Workers at Slaughterhouse and the Connection between Violence to Animals and Humans

By James McWilliams – December 28, 2012

slaughterhouse_worker_scipioni-Italian sh in 2007Last month, an employee at a slaughterhouse in Fresno, California walked into work, pulled out a gun, and shot four people, two of them execution style before attempting to take his own life.  Coworkers, many of whom described the suspect as “nice” and “respectful”, claimed to be puzzled by this outburst.  The president of Valley Protein, the abattoir where the shooting happened, declared the incident to be a “random act”.

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  1. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Working in a prison, as a counselor certainly helps me acknowledge and validate these findings. Some of the inmates know I’m an animal person so they don’t talk about abusing animals; but there are those who really don’t care what I think and I have heard stories that would turn your hair grey. The findings are that children who abuse animals and are allowed to get away with it mostly due to parental neglect often become serial killers or murderers. This follows the studies done on the parallels between animal abuse by children and psychotic behavior.

  2. GASafeHorses · ·

    Read the book Slaughterhouse; shocked by the details that occurr everyday in slaughterhouses. No way a person could kill for a living and not have it cause mental issues.

  3. More animal killers gone and done with!!

  4. I agree Linda, to take a life….over & over, day in & day out. To hear the cries to see the panick, as NO ANIMAL icluding humans wants to die, has got to do something terrible to a ‘normal’ human beings brain. Eventually ‘something’ snaps?

  5. lindabadham · ·

    in my opinion anybody who can slaughter an animal is not normal ! to take a life is a terrible thing to do whether animal/human !

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