Sudden Death of Show Pony Clouds Image of Elite Pursuit

New York Times
By Walt Bogdanich
Published: December 27, 2012

Early on the morning of Mya 26, Kristen Williams and her daughter, Katie, arrived at a barn on the grounds of the Devon Horse Show, where elite competitors in full dress have entertained spectators for the last century on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

show pony storyMs. Williams had paid thousands of dollars to lease a pony for Katie to ride in a hunter competition, a 12th birthday present.  Soon after arriving, their trainer left to administer an injection to a nearby pony, Humble, that Katie’s friend, also celebrating her 12th birthday, was scheduled to ride shortly.

Moments later, with Ms. Williams and her daughter watching, Humble collapsed and died.

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  1. Heather · ·

    Unfortunately the show circuit is not as closely monitored as the racing industry and the practices that trainers do are inhumane and cruel. I have heard horror stories when I used to stable my horse at a show barn, enough so that I never entered the show circuit….it is just too cruel. It is all about winning at all costs!!! And the worst culprits are the Olympics!!

  2. The horse industry (sorry) continues to shoot itself in the hoof. The horse biz is for the rich, and the rich want to win. How much do you guess that pony was leased for? Just appalling, what passes as high-calibre out there, and how many say nothing.
    The vets are just as culpable.

  3. Barbara Griffith · ·

    These people are no different than the racehorse owners. They practice the same methods of cruelty, it’s all about the money and prestige and to hell with the horse. The show horses also end up sold off for slaughter the instant they are to crippled up to perform. The people in the stands don’t know or care what happens to the horses all they see is what is happening in the arena and that’s it.

  4. All about the win. Forget health and safety for horse and rider. They truly need to get some rulings with teeth in them and enforce the. Sometimes people disgust me.

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