Days before Christmas

As we count down to Christmas Day, our own Marie Dean compiled this wonderful review of the past year.  Enjoy!

Today, 16 days before Christmas, please give a gift of thanks to Canada’s foremost horse welfare advocates, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.  Love ya and thanks for all you do!

Horse 33 at auctionToday, 15 days before Christmas, please remember that big beautiful Belgian who took 11 bolts to the head before he stopped fighting for his life.  The footage obtained by the CHDC of that tragic event made changes for future horses.  According to the CFIA, slaughter line practices were “improved”.  On that day, fully 59% of the horses had to be shot more than once, and an additional 10% should have been afforded at least a second shot, but were not.  Please give a gift today so that CHDC can continue to campaign against horse slaughter.  Thank You!

Today, 14 days before Christmas, who could you have counted on to join forces with international animal advocacy groups to protect our horses?  One of the largest animal advocacy groups in France is L214. 

L214 logoIn late January 2012 the CHDC joined with L214 in sending letters to EU officials to expose the cruel stunning and slaughter of horses in Canadian abattoirs that export horse meat to Europe.    

Again in January 2012 Alanna Devine, CSPCA Director of Animal Advocacy in Montreal sent a letter expressing shock and disbelief that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency had failed to take any enforcement action of any kind after the CHDC released undercover video footage in December of horses being inhumanely killed at the slaughter plant Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation Inc. in Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec.    YOU CAN COUNT on the CHDC to put the evidence in front of the people that are responsible for the protection of horses.

Today, 13 days before Christmas, “Somebody ate Silky Shark” were the words on people’s lips when the CHDC followed up on reports “Pasture to Plate” and “Slaughterhouse Six”, exposing an industry operating in the shadows, thanks to the CHDC and owner of Silky Shark, Ken Terpenning.

Silky-Shark“Dogs, cats and horses are companion animals,” says CHDC executive director, Sinikka Crosland. “They have a place in the human heart. They’re given drugs when they need them. People aren’t holding back.”  Today, the truth and the proof are revealed – horse slaughter must end!

Today, 12 days before Christmas, the CHDC’s “Proof of Failure” report provides compelling evidence that a Standardbred racehorse received phenylbutazone that entered the human food chain.  Today give a gift of thanks to a group that HAS and IS finding the way to protect our horses from slaughter.  

Today, 11 days before Christmas, I am sure the footage taken in Alberta of horses being shipped live to Japan for slaughter still causes you anger and outrage.  On their way to Calgary AirportThe October 2012 footage shows horses in a feedlot being loaded with electric prods into transport trucks, transported to the Calgary International Airport and being crated in wooden crates so small they cannot stand in their natural position.  Some horses were even being crated together.  All in violations to sections of the Health of Animals Regulations.  The CHDC takes the time and effort to investigate and document  these occurrences so we can stop our horses from suffering under the neglect of the CFIA and our Canadian government.   Today consider a purchase for yourself or for a gift at CafePress  and help our horses. 

Today, 10 days before Christmas, do you remember the joy you felt with the announcement in February 2012: “IMPORTANT UPDATE: LES VIANDES DE LA PETITE-NATION SLAUGHTER PLANT TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Clydesdale shies away from killer at LPNLes Viandes de la Petite-Nation Inc. slaughter house in Quebec had been temporarily closed, with inspections and audits being conducted at the plant by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  La Petite-Nation (LPN) was the subject of the December 2011 investigative report by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) entitled “Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry”.

The report cites numerous violations under Canada’s Meat Inspection Act, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) animal welfare standards, cruelty violations, as well as reveals a flawed Equine Identification Documents system. 

WE WERE so close to success and freedom for our horses.  It can happen again with your help.

Today, 9 days before Christmas, please keep close to your heart that each and every one of you are extremely important to this campaign to end horse slaughter.  The horses need YOU. Jesus10 This time of year there is talk of a man who was a gift to the world and his mission was to bring peace.  Let us follow his wishes and guide others to see the injustice inflicted on the horse.  It is difficult to voice to the masses when the masses are followers not leaders.  Be a leader and think of the man that gave up his life for the injustice here on earth.   The CHDC needs YOU to be a leader.  The horses need YOU to be their voice!

Today, 8 days before Christmas, we must count our blessings and give a huge thank you to CHDC’s Sinikka Crosland who in many conversations with MP Alex Atamanenko helped to inspire and create the Private Members Bill C-544 now reintroduced as Bill C-322. 

Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, feeds her horses in Westbank, British Columbia, Canada Photo by Madonna Hamel

Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, feeds her horses in Westbank, British Columbia, Canada Photo by Madonna Hamel

This bill is a gift to the horses.  It should not be taken lightly.  This is a legal avenue that can free our horses.  The way to success, the way to ending horse slaughter in Canada, is through government legislation and we have it at our fingertips.

MP Alex Atamanenko speaks out to parliament in a Press Release,  “Regulators and operators cannot be trusted to operate honestly or humanely.  NDP MP Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) Alex Atamanenko NDP MPreacted today to a shocking investigation by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) which revealed inhumane horse slaughter and other abuses at yet another Canadian slaughterhouse.  I join with so many Canadians who are sickened and disappointed that our government continues to allow this industry to abuse these animals and the regulatory system with obvious impunity,” stated Atamanenko. “This is the fourth plant to be exposed by undercover investigations indicating that an ingrained culture of abuse is still firmly in place.”   Thank you MP Alex Atamanenko.  Thank you CHDC for giving our horses the power of parliament.

Today, 7 days before Christmas, we are still amazed by the huge victory for the Thoroughbreds – they were banned from the premises of Viande Richelieu in May 2012.     Viande Richelieu, the company that operates two of Canada’s four equine slaughterhouses, appears to be backing away from accepting Thoroughbreds for slaughter after their unusual move of returning slaughter-bound former racehorses Canuki and Cactus Cafe.  

richelieu-2008 - awaiting their fate According to a May 24th e-mail from Richelieu administrative technician Geneve Ethier to Mindy Lovell, a Canadian farm owner and horse welfare advocate of Transitions Thoroughbreds, whom contact Richelieu, the case “did occur major problems to us and a lot of time, efforts, and money consuming.  So to avoid that in the future, the plant advises all his suppliers to not BUY those thoroughbred[s] and overall not have them ship to us. . . . For us, thoroughbred[s] are definitely banned from our premises.”  This remarkable change and victory is the constant pressure of horse welfare advocates and CHDC’s investigations.  It should be government and the horse industry, but it is not.  Pressure that exposes the WEAKNESS of a business will end this business of horse slaughter.

Today, 6 days before Christmas, we must ALL be congratulated for the huge amount of awareness we brought forward this year.  Port CoquitlamMarch, July and November  “Stop Slaughtering Us” billboards, made possible through US-based Angel Acres, brought awareness with press releases, rally/protests and media coverage.   

The protests at La Palette restaurant in Toronto brought community awareness; media coverage; to the Humane Society International/Canada being interviewed on radio along with the restaurant owner.  A CHDC insert pamphlet in the War Horse program.  The CHDC’s participation in conferences; equine fairs and community activities.   Horse welfare blog articles: CHDC’s; new writers; seasoned writers; U.S. writers; all talented horse lovers sending love and respect of the horse out into the universe. 

We sent letters emails: to President Obama to Prime Minister Harper; to Senators to Members of Parliament; to restaurant owners, butcher shops to grocery chains; to SPCA’s and their communities; to TV producers; to rodeo organizers; to doctors, pharmacists to pharmaceutical companies; to mayors and carriage driver businesses; to racetracks to horse industry representatives.   

Alberta feedlotThere was feedlot awareness to help us understand more why we work hard at ending horse slaughter.  Social media Facebook sites helping to save the wild ones; to angels rescuing our horses from slaughter at OLEX (Ontarion Livestock Exchange).  We spoke out to auction managers and staff and informed OMAFRA of violations at auction.  PETA reported with “36 Hours to Hell” incorporating footage from CHDC’s LPN report.   To our consistent pressure on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to acknowledge the truth; to our asking for a helping hand in defending our horses from Equine Canada and the horse councils, federations and racehorse industry.  

We were part of numerous amounts of media coverage this year about the horse, horse slaughter, horse racing and horse welfare issues.  And we certainly can’t forget the awareness that the CHDC provided with evidence of disturbing parallels between the XL Foods contaminated beef recall and conditions inside Canada’s horse slaughter plants – WOW!   I am sure I heard some of you scream from the top of mountains.  WE ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!  We spoke up and were VOICE for our beautiful horses!    TAKING ACTION = AWARENESS = VOICE FOR THE HORSE = LEGISLATION TO END HORSE SLAUGHTER!

Today, 5 days before Christmas, the highlight of the year is definitely the day horse slaughter stopped.  “Canadian/Mexican slaughterhouses close” that was the headline and all horse welfare advocates jumped for joy.   It was so exhilarating yet something told us hang on to your heart.

On October 12, 2012 Equine Welfare Alliance and the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition released GREAT news!   Canadian and Mexican Horse Slaughter plants were temporarily closed!!    U.S. horses were stopped from being accepted by Canadian horse slaughter plants, according to multiple sources.  Our concerns were with the horses caught in the pipeline.

“The United States market for slaughter horses was thrown into confusion Friday after slaughterhouses in Canada appeared to have closed their doors abruptly to U.S. horses, according to slaughter buyers, lower-market horse dealers, and the auctions they frequent.”

Was it because of an EU report about Mexico?  Was it because of improper paperwork?  Was it an omen of what is to come? Was it because something is definitely wrong with all of this!!

While it was short-lived, just think of the day that it becomes permanent. That day is coming!  THAT DAY IS COMING!!!  We need your help.

Today, 4 days before Christmas, the season is about BELIEVING……….

Little girl and  paintBelieve in what is right and good; in fairness and respect; in loyalty and partnerships.

Believe in the end to horse slaughter!   It CAN happen with your help.

This season give the GIFT OF LIFE.  Support Bill C-322

Today, 3 days before Christmas, the season is about GIVING……….

Give a gift from the Café Shop and promote horse welfare at the same time.  Your gift will help assist the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.  Donate a gift of financial support to the CHDC and it will get the right people to the right meetings; will allow the CHDC to attend conferences; will help pay legal counsel; will pay for mass mailings, and so much more.  Your gift will help the CHDC continue to campaign to end horse slaughter!

 The season is about HELPING……….

Help build funds to support, promote and develop Horse Protection Initiatives.  The CHDC’s Horse Protection Initiatives ensure horses are “protected” and “do not die”.

CHDC-Help-Us-English-200x275This season give the GIFT OF LIFE “Help Us Help Them”.


Jonny and CandyToday, 2 days before Christmas, please “believe” and have “faith” that one day the blood will no longer spill; the captive bolt gun will be put away; the rifle will be unloaded; the whip will be destroyed; the screaming with calm; the electric prod will be put in storage; the knifes will drop to the ground; the chains will be broken; the betrayal will end; and the pain and suffering with stop.   The day can happen when our horses will have THEIR FREEDOM.  Bill C-322 can become LAW!  Our hearts can finally have PEACE!

Today, 1 day before Christmas, the CHDC team wants to wish you a warm and loving Christmas! May your hearts be filled with the Peace and Joy of the season. 

Today, December 25th, Merry Christmas and wishing you and yours and ALL OUR horses a Happy New Year!

CHDC Holiday Greeting

A Prayer for Animals

Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals.

Especially for animals who are suffering; for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death.

We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.

Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

Albert Schweitzer



  1. Alex Atamanenko / NDP 1 800 667-2393 “A business that is unhealthy and morally reprehensible”. Bill C-322 Lets get this passed !
    Why? Obviously, for all our beautiful horses but also, for that TB mare,named Press Exclusive.
    Sure, she wore a halter, blanket, and shoes. Made a $$ fortune $$ as a runner for her owner.
    She stood for photos taken with her breeder/owner at least 9 times.Then 8 foals to sale which also made owner/breeder more money.But why stop there? Those 8 babiesOntario sired/Ontario Bred made this owner even more money! Breeders Awards! This mare would have probably taught this owners nieces or nephews how to ride.But oh no, after that, this creep whose name is Frank Di Giulio Jr. who is on the Jockey Club of Canada, as well as National Director and Sales
    Commitee of CTHS(Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society) dumps the mare back into his own sale again later on to rid himself of her. Oh no, don’t give PRESS EXCLUSIVE and all his other big money horses a decent retirement at farm for whats left of her life. Just squeeze that last $ buck$ out of her through more sales. Real nice eh! Then off to slaughter she goes!
    Myself, I still think it takes an animal to do this to another animal. Funny that when I attended a new owners seminar at Woodbine approx.8 years ago, the butchering of horses never seemed to have come up! But the truth is this kind of garbage has been going on for a very long time!
    It wasn’t Dalton and Duncan that caused this horse abuse although racing would love to have the
    public and all government levels believe this.Remember Thorncliffe Park anyone? Developers
    dug land up close by and found disasterous number of dead horses which caused a stir. I guess they weren’t supposed to have been there! Hmnn, but then good old horse slaughter came along to really clean things up for the low lifes. Bill C-322 For the horses!

  2. lindabadham · ·


  3. We will always remember all those who fight tirelessly for the horses not just now but each and every day of the year. And we always hold the memories of the horses so brutally slaughtered and who suffered so very much and the precious creatures who will still be killed next year
    Although CFAWR is a small organization we will ALWAYS do everything in our power to support all and every effort to end the slaughter of our beautiful horses And there are “ours” all of them the wild the race horses, our companion horses, the sick and the elderly horses, there are OURS to love and protect.!

    Below is a beautiful prayer I found written by a horse.

    Feed me, give me water, and care for me, and when the day’s

    work is done, give me shelter, a clean bed and a wide stall.

    Talk to me. Your voice often substitutes for the reins for me.

    Be good to me and I will serve you cheerfully and love you.

    Don’t jerk the reins and don’t raise the whip.

    Don’t beat or kick me when I don’t understand you,

    but rather give me time to understand you.

    Don’t consider it disobedience if I don’t follow your commands.

    Perhaps there is a problem with my saddle and bridle or hooves.

    Check my teeth if I don’t eat, maybe I have a toothache.

    You know how that hurts.

    Don’t halter me too short and don’t dock my

    tail… it’s my only weapon against flies and mosquitoes.

    And at the end, dear master, when I am no longer any use to you,

    don’t let me go hungry or freeze and don’t sell me.

    Don’t give me a master who slowly tortures me to death and lets me starve,

    but rather be merciful and take care of me,

    by letting me run and enjoy a warm pasture.

    Let me request this of you and please don’t regard it as disrespectful

    if I ask it in the name of Him who was born in a stable like me.

    Amen ( Author unknown)

  4. GASafeHorses · ·

    No more horse slaughter dear Lord please end now forever…

  5. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Lets all pray that Anti Slaughter and Anti Transportation Bills become Law. Lets pray that Canada follows suit which leaves Mexico dry. This is What I want for Christmas this year and very year following. Amen

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