Shooting the Messenger? Why we need to enable whistleblowers

Posted on December 20, 2012 by Heather Clemenceau

Many people love to romanticize the role of the whistleblower.  After all, they play a unique and critical role in ferreting out fraud and government malfeasance, and they provide great social value to the public.  But in Canada there is no whistleblower protection for private sector workers who are uniquely positioned to spot gaps in public safety.  While Ken Terpenning, former owner of racehorse Silky Shark, didn’t expose and employer, I’m sure he gave great consideration to the cost/benefit analysis that all potential whistleblowers must make.

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  1. Well, speaking of whistleblowers a little bit more. Hows this Ken Terpenning,and eveybody else here too, I don’t know if you have heard or read anything at all in the last 2 days about a OntarioThoroughbred mare named Press Exclusive. Go to Transition Thoroughbreds page on Facebook or Google. Also, on Horse- Canada (Jennifer Morrison’s Thoroughblog) you can read about how this winner of 9 races at Woodbine, with earnings of at least $ 440,000 and later had 8 foals which made more money, was treated. This poor mare, is in rough shape sent to auction for meat but was saved in the nick of time. Look at the pictures of her! The breeder and past owner of this mares name is Frank DiGuilo. He is the National Director of the Canadian Thoroughbred
    Horse Society. This same man (a greedy,cash grabbing low life as far as I’m concerned) is also
    on the Jockey Club of Canada. He would not give his mare, who he claimed out of a race in year 2000, a permanent home for rest of her life. Frank DiGuilo, and others like Cara Bloodstock,
    Hill N Dale Farms( locations in Kentucky and Ontario), and Paradox farms are the cause of too
    many TB’s unwanted now. Very sad, wait to U see what this mare looks like. A crime!
    Frank DiGuilo also bred many horses which earned him a fortune as runners.Equibase website.
    Look them up. Forever Grand, Dave the Knave, Are U Serious, and also Oh Canada. People please write to NICK EAVES AT WOODBINE, CEO and send emails to to let them know we are outraged at their treatment of horses!

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