OSPCA closes its horse health investigation in Erin

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horsesThe Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) has closed its probe into complaints relating to the health of a herd of hroses in Erin, without charges being laid.

“Our investigation concludd that the animals were not in distress,” agency spokesperson Alison Cross said in an email.  “As such, the Ontario SPCA has no further jurisdiction into the matter.”

Conincidentally, members from both sides of a dispute surrounding the herd of Tennessee Walking Horses on 8th line in Erin are pointing fingers of blame squarely at the OSPCA.

Lynn Hindmarsh, one of those local equine enthusiasts concerned about the horses’ health, argues the OSPCA should itself be investigated.

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  1. Heather · ·

    I sent in a petition with over 500 signatures to 3 people in the OSPCA – the lead investigator, Connie Mallory, Anne Buonaiuto and Alison Cross….not one of them acknowledged my email with the petition. I think that because these are large animals and probably foster farms are more difficult to find than foster homes for dogs and cats, they just don’t want to put the effort into removing them. Mr. Luckett has been investigated before and he now has filed a lawsuit against the OSPCA as well as other organizations, so I can only assume that the OSPCA does not want to cause any more ripples. What a shame; all the animals, both large and small suffer the consequences for the humane society not doing their job because a lot of people, such as myself, are withholding donations. Maybe the Ombudsman can fire the top people in charge and put people in there who really want to make a difference!!

  2. It’s pretty impossible to give the OSPCA “bad” publicity. Their acronym covers their flaws quite nicely, and kittens and puppies always grab the money, anyway…
    Those who question/criticize are labelled as AR whackos. Peter Worthington wrote a scathing article about their handling of senior dog Rocky. It was pretty much ignored. And OSPCA’s last “feel good” spam story mentioned mangey Rocky dog again, while ignoring senior Rocky that they seized and euthed, without the owners’ knowledge or consent.
    It’s hard NOT to give up….

  3. Very typical of the OSPCA. Pathetic organization. I stopped donating to them over a year ago because they don’t have a clue what they are doing. Check out the ‘OSPCA Truth’ website to find out what they are really about. The truth for them is that there was no money to be made in this case so they won’t do anything. Instead – they will go after innocent people that they think they can make money off of.

  4. Dennis Davey · ·

    Surely they must report to someone, find out who that someone is and DEMAND this issue be looked at from the beginning. Perhaps you may be right, the OSPCA in Orangeville should indeed be investigated.

    1. Yeah, good luck with THAT. The OSPCA answers to no-one.
      How pathetic is the owner, truly he BELIEVES that TWH’s should have shark-fin withers and jutting ribs.. I hate to say I told you so:(
      But I told you so.

    2. This is actually the ONTARIO SPCA.

  5. This organization, the OSPCA, needs to seriously look at itself and what it stands for. They never show any respect to the citizens that are concerned about the animals – they call it “still under investigation” which means “none of your business”. And most of the time it seems like the abuses are the ones that get the consideration, not the animals in their care!! It makes us all wonder “what side are they on”! I agree with this statement “argues the OSPCA should itself be investigated”.

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  7. What did I tell ya… These horses aren’t dead!! Therefore, in OSPCA-we-don’t-have-a-clue-land, everything is A-Okay!
    Once the horses are thrashing in their starvation death throes, give the OSPCA a call, so they can ignore that, too.
    Pathetic organization, with no legal legs of any kind to stand on.

    1. Most of OSPCA is lame. Some jurisdictions better serve than others though, I have found. But yes most of SPCA is an useless pathetic waste of time. Complain to Ombudsman of Ontario The Ontario race commision too needs kick in
      the butt to change and stop horse slaughter

      1. shoshone · ·

        Don’t give up. The spca is only as good as its employees and the top dogs in charge. If they get enough bad publicity they will then do something. Eventually, when they do do something, the publicity brings in a lot of donations and then they are happy. I have been waiting for 10 years to have something done with a herd in worse condition than the herd in question. After 5 years a useless investigator was fired and replaced with a gentleman with common sense so now checks are made regularly and hopefully the horses will look better this spring than they have for many years.

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