Will Equine Canada live up to its word?

equine canadaThis week Equine Canada is sending its members and associates a holiday message, expressing “deep appreciation for all your dedication, hard work and enthusiastic participation in one ofCanada‘s most rewarding sports, and with its most treasured animal, the horse. ”  It continues, “At this special time of year and in light of our community’s commitment to the health and welfare of this valiant animal, we wish to express support for the work of two groups that reflect the values we have embraced in our new strategic direction.”

 The message implies that Equine Canada has a new strategic direction including horse welfare.  Will this new direction include a no slaughter stance, or at least a neutral stance against it?  Will Equine Canada and its affiliated provincial horse federations end their alliance with the pro-slaughter Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC)?  

As long as Equine Canada and the Canadian horse federations align themselves with HWAC and continue to ignore the issue of horses treated with banned medications that proceed to slaughter, then we can only conclude that these statements by Equine Canada are hollow, self-servicing messages, intended to impress a direction that they, in reality, aren’t taking at all.

 In this time of transparency and accountability, it’s time to ask.


  1. The problem with horse people is that few keep their horses for the life of the animal. They buy and sell them like a used car. Horse people care about their horse as long as it’s useful and affordable. The minute one of these conditions is missing, the horse is sold to the highest bidder which is sometimes a slaughterhouse. It’s time for responsible and caring horse guardians.

    1. Mary Johnson · ·

      LES, Amen! I couldn’t agree with you more!

  2. matt9021@yahoo.com · ·

    Equine Canada is not associated with HWAC in any way or form. HWAC was actually formed by a small group of disgruntled Equine Canada members when Equine Canada would not take an active pro slaughter stand and broke off and formed the splinter group HWAC. I think Equine Canada would be very upset to hear that you have stated they are associated with this group.

    1. Matt9021 that is a good point. Equine Canada is NOT listed in the partnership section of the HWAC.

  3. Jean Le Marquand · ·

    Equine Canada needs to put its money where its mouth is; it is ludricrous to pretend to be interested in ‘horse welfare’ whilst aligning itself with the pro-slaughter establishment. It is time for Equine Canada to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’.

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    Of course there are exceptions but generally I find most horse people are irresponsible when it comes to the welfare of their horses. Once they stop earning money or the novelty of horse ownership wears off these long living creatures go from pillar top post – generally downhill until they end up at the horrendous slaughter house. What a rotten situation!

  5. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    More pressure has to be put on the equestrian federations, that is the only way. I think we should get the big sign “Stop Horse Slaughter” and put it outside all the offices. They could look at it every day.

    1. Yes, we really do need to get a LOT of those big signs, actually billboards. STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER and put them everywhere possible.You know what any real estate agent says,location, location, location! Elementary school kids- asking parents,bus drivers and teachers “You mean Canada’s government lets those men butcher my pony?”

  6. I have been asking Equine Canada for some time now. I have asked the Hunter Jumper Association. ect….no reply…I have posted on all their facebook pages & have NEVER been acknowledged. We will never compete with any of our horses again on “A” circuit or Trillium until they come out against horse slaughter. We will miss doing the Longrun Thoroughbred Classic on “A”…….no more annual fees to any of these so called horse organizations.

  7. No kidding, it’s time to ask! Many rich farmers want to stay rich period! They sell any horse, livestock, hay, and crops for cash only, no receipts, more often than not these days. Keeping horses long term, or safe from slaughter at all is certainly no priority for most. Equine Canada has just suddenly woken up to a renewed strategic plan which includes the real welfare of OUR
    horses, well isn’t this great news! Horse owners in Canada who support pro-slaughtering of Equine and send theirs to kill should all be LEGALLY SUED for toxins in meat anyhow. No worries
    to SILKY’S SHARK owner,I’m more than happy to send copies of my racehorse vet bills to anyone!
    Value4money.ca lol Gerry Ritz crackers, and Ontario MPP’s maybe time for those NEW YEAR RESOLUTION THOUGHTS TO KICK IN NOW AND TAKE SOME POSITIVE ACTION.

    1. It is NOT just racehorse!! That is a great idea Jo. Let us send a copy of an invoice from our equine veterinarian that shows a purchase of bute and/or bute being administered by the veterinarian. We all know that our horse’s medical history is private and confidential.
      We may sell and/or give away our horse one day to a person we thought was respectable and they end up being slaughtered. The system is garbage, we all know it! Equine Canada, their title it wrong, “Equine” “Canada”, but they don’t care about ALL equines in Canada. WHY?
      Actually, they don’t care about people much either. They obviously are sending their blessings to the Europeans upon their meal of choice, horsemeat from Canada. So Sad!

    2. GASafeHorses · ·

      You got that right Jo! Stop horse slaughter in Canada! No more transport of American horses out of our country to slaughter anywhere!

  8. tehorse@aol.com · ·

    A special THANK YOU to your great group for all you hard work

    Happy Holidays Blessings Teresa Paradis http://www.liveandletlivefarm.org

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