Special Series: Albertans launch fight against wild horse cull

Tamara Elliott, Global News : Tuesday, December 11, 2012 3:16 PM

CALGARY – They’re majestic creatures with a link to the Wild West, but the fate of Alberta’s wild horses is now in the hands of the province.

About 800 wild horses roam the hills, descendants from early settler’s farms.

Global TV

Global TV

“They live in the wild, they reproduce in the wild, and so are considered feral,” explains Jessica Potter, from Alberta Enivornmental and Sustainable Resource Development.  Last year the government licensed the capture of over 200 feral horses, claiming they compete with native species by eating about 25 pounds of food each, every day.

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  3. Amy houle · ·

    Leave the house be!! You can’t contral everything that eats grass!!!! So leave them be!!! It’s so nice to see that there are thing that are still wild out there!!!

  4. D. Hadley · ·

    “…have a significant impact on the regeneration of trees…” And logging, ranching, land development for humans, and oil & gas doesn’t? I don’t see them stopping THOSE. No, in AB it’s always “KILL THE ANIMALS!” as their first, selfish choice. And tell me now — what could *possibly* be considered even a tiny bit ‘humane’ about HOW they round them up, OR, the horrors of the slaughter house and an unnatural, untimely end to their own lives??? False justifications, all…..

  5. I believe what the previous people are saying! I’m sure the people who vote Yes are somehow involved in the slaughter business for profit either directly or indirectly in reference to the land or are either misinformed! Leave the horses alone! They are our heritage and should be protected and not culled and slaughtered!

  6. This is insane why on earth this Albertans are so greedy now planning a mass murder on this beautiful wild horses? Unbelievable and unfathomable to think that the Canadians are such Barbarians and now goes after slaughtering these long lived animals simply to make a quick buck.!!
    Leave these majestic Horses alone. This plan is one of the most distasteful as well as Disgraceful idiotic plan brought forward by the most Destructive Species on Earth …this Greedy humanbeings.

  7. Jodie St Jean · ·

    It is the Conservatives sloppy mismanagement that puts our environment in danger. This horse cull is to ensure people are helpless when they come to take our freedom.

  8. Dennis Davey · ·

    I am from Ontario, and not long ago wrote to Premier Redford on this issue. I explained to her, she has NO right to trump the PUBLIC view, as her kind come and go after a few elections. I further explained to her that these wild HORSES, are not only Albertas HERITAGE but that of ALL Canadians. I also stated that perhaps she should spend less time with the Cattle Lobyists and more time with the PUBLIC INTERESTS, after all its the PUBLIC who put her where she is at.
    I never did receive a reply from the Premier, maybe because i am just part of that PUBLIC.

  9. Mary Croft · ·

    As if logging, oil exploration and other corporate pursuits don’t damage the environment….
    Of course, blame the horses and mismanage them!

  10. Barbara Griffith · ·

    This a huge area of wilderness which these horses live. They have managed to survive snow storms and cold winters and predators for generations there is no reason to round them up except for the greed of the few bucks made at the slaughter plant.

  11. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    Everyone should vote NO on this. Leave these horses alone. They are our heritage and should be protected not culled and slaughtered. It’s inhumane and cruel. The people who vote Yes are either misinformed or somehow involved in the slaughter business for profit either directly or indirectly in reference to the land.

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