Owner, neighbours clash over health of horses near village of Erin, Ontario

by Chris Daponte

horsesThe owner of a herd of horses here says there is nothing wrong with his Tennessee Walkers, despite recent visits from the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and concerns expressed by many local horse enthusiasts.

“They’re fine,” owner Ian Luckett said of the 23 horses kept on rented land on the 8th Line, southwest of Erin village.  “They’re healthy.  They’re in a herd environment.”

For months, and particularly over the last three weeks, neighbours and other horse enthusiasts in the municipality have expressed grave concern with the appearance of the horses, which they say are emaciated due to lack of food.

“This whole area is up in arms,” said Lynne Hindmarsh, who owns her own equine facility a few minutes away.  “[The horses] got down to eating milkweeds, which are toxic.  It was so sad.”

Shelley Chadwick, who works on Hindmarsh’s farm, said some of the horses even resorted to eating their own feces.

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  1. I have a petition started on Care2 Causes and in that petition I have mentioned the letter that Luckett sent to several persons, including the OSPCA. I think he moved the worst of them…and that is nonsense about Tennessee walkers being thinner than most breeds. I own Egyptian Arabians and they are leaner than other breeds but you don’t see the hip bones in mine. This is an ongoing problem and it is about time the OSPCA does something about it. Maybe we need to get the Humane Society International involved.

  2. Barbara Griffith · ·

    If you look at the horses stomachs they look swollen like they are full of parasites. I doubt this fool that owns them bothers to worm them at all. That could very well be part of the problem then you add the poor quality of the hay the horses health goes down hill and keeps going till they begin to die.

  3. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    The OSPCA is not going to remove the horses until one of them dies. I feel like pulling my monthly support from the OSPCA. Maybe I will.

    1. You should-they are freakin’ useless!!!

  4. Anne Streeter · ·

    You don’t have to be an expert to see that these horses are in rough shape! As for the OSPCA, this is certainly not the first time I’ve heard of them falling down on the job!

  5. As I said before, the OSPCA in certain geograpical areas and offices, are failing miserably. Some will step up big for the animals that silently cry for their help. Everytime, I and others use my MASTERCARD, BANK OF MONTREAL,THIS BENEFITS the OSPCA.. If enough clients jump on the bandwagon here, when protection services are not carried out, as mandated by law, then the employed such as Crocker, and Wilkinsons etc. DO NOT DESERVE OUR $$ SUPPORT $$ !!!
    Luckett, make your statements of claim for any amounts you keep dreaming of, thats allowed, but good luck with that, as you need it. This guy is a lowlife, plain and simple. His quote”breed recogizant” is laughable though! Like saying, A person can’t visit another country unless You speak the language fluently. Animal suffering is animal suffering, period! Starvation is unacceptable. Slaughter is unacceptable. Willful blindness by CFIA, VETS, SPCA, not alright either- your licences can be questioned, supervised, suspended, and revoked. Anybodys licence to practice, operate, drive, own, train animals etc. etc.etc.can be revoked. Why isn’t Lucketts Landlord concerned about the condition of his property? When horses fight over food living outside 24/7 year round in bad mud covered, parasitic, environment, then of course things just continue going from bad to worse. Luckett, feed your animals and children properly-maybe you”ll feel better this Christmas. Ya jerk!

    1. GASafeHorses · ·

      Agreed 100%! We don’t send any funds to SPCA; goes to local rescue where we can see it makes a difference. Regarding these poor horses…if they are “Tenneesse Walking Horses” well then pigs can fly! They look like a mix. The conditions are horrible this jerk does not deserve the right to own horses. Please someone in Canada light a fire under officials ass and get help for these horses.

  6. jean robertson · ·

    The OSPCA if they so desire, can bring in an ethical vet and have the horses examined one by one and so determine if the horses are suffering or not. Horses going into winter shouldn’t be that thin. The hay looks like straw. Thanks for keeping up the pressure and maybe something will be done.

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