Animals’ Angels investigation Billings, MT auction

Animals’ Angels latest investigation follows kill buyers from the Billings, MT auction to the Bouvry feedlot in Shelby, MT.

Percheron mares with foals at sideThe Billings Livestock Commission sells cattle every week on Thursdays.  The 4th weekend of each month, BLC holds one of the largest horse sales in the country, selling 500 to 1100 horses on any given weekend.  Riding horses sell on Saturday, while the majority of the loose horses are sold on Sunday.  Since 1984 the auction has been owned by Joe Goggins.  Horse sale managers are Jann & Bill Parker.

Please read the report here.


  1. Mary-Joe Figueira · ·

    Awareness is fine but is there anyone out there that is actually physically TRYING TO STOP THIS. Circulating this on e-mail is one thing but organizations have to get together to stop horses from going to auction. I actually can’t read this. It breaks my heart to see these horses and even worse that I can’t do anything except read about it.

  2. Thank you for all you do! Thank you for trying to Stop this horrific abuse of Americas horses. This is really hard to read and sickening but it is necessary as awareness is the first step in change for American horses, donkeys and mules.

  3. Jagadambe Dasi · ·

    What Kathy said doubled. Sickening to read about. You could almost smell the fear and confusion. Going from an injured suffering calf to a pile of offal. If that doesn’t turn a decent persons stomach I don’t know what would. These auctions are hell holes and the people involved demonic.if reading about it was this painful to me I could not imagine what it was like in person.

  4. These individuals are hardened to the point of being inhuman and the only thing they seem to care about is greed. Many will try to defend slaughter as the only alternative for these animals, but how they can they justify the treatment these poor creatures endure before the final assult of being slaughtered is totally inexcusable and is against the law. When they go to face their maker, I don’t doubt that the cruelty and death they have inflicted will come back to haunt them and it should. This is a dirty, secretive business they conduct and I don’t think the public is aware of what really goes on. I was stunned to read in the report that the police officer refused to end the calf’s suffering and the auction people didn’t want to “scare” the people in attendance. My god, these people should scare each other for knowingly witnessing and participating in this brutality!

    1. jean robertson · ·

      If you go to the Billings Auction site you will see they sold some 8,282 horses in 2011. They sell quality well trained horses as well as the loose horses. They can be emailed at It is worth a try to politely suggest that their yardmen do a better job of sorting loose horses, say mares and foals seperate from others and stallions seperate from mares so there are less injuries. The calf with 3 broken legs should not have been allowed to suffer for 6 hours or more either. If the horse sale managers Jann and Bill Parker are not aware of this going on they can’t fix it.

      Sadly, the suffering endured in the gathering and transportation of horses bound for slaughter could be worse than the actual slaughter itself.

      Thanks Animal’s Angels for all the great work you do helping horses.

      1. From what I’ve read and seen of the actual slaughter process, I doubt that it is less horrific than the torture these horses endure in the loading and transportion to the slaughter house and added abuse from the transporters. These animals are not even being slaughtered to the letter of the laws in place and many are conscious of being ripped open and bled out. In my opinion, normal humans are not capable of inflicting this kind of torture on a living being unless those reponsible are sick and disturbed as humans. Reading the statistics of crime, etc. in places where slaughter houses exist, it is not surprising to see high crime rates going hand in hand with this disgusting business. Witnessing and participating in this process is either done by sick people or they soon become that way after being de-sensitized to this brutality daily. No intelligent, sane human being could knowingly inflict that type of agony on an innocent creature and remain normal.

    2. All horseowners in Canada who send their horses to slaughter or refuse to bail out their
      horses from killpens, should be made to watch the horror of their deaths. See how those people remain financially happy,and mentally/emotionally sound over time. The torturing of animals and people who are willfully blind to it, do repeatingly behave unacceptably in other areas of their lives too.Any social worker, childs teacher,family doctor, grief counsellor, crown prosecutor, and shrink with respectable credentials concern themselves hugely with this. The cruelty and brutality inflicted on animals in Canada has to stop. The sadistic truth is that almost anything is allowed in Canada. OSPCA, HorseRacing Commissions,Some of the so-called animal shelters, rich farmers, etc.
      won’t do a dam thing to right the wrong treatment of our Canadian animals who look after us.Animal loving citizens of Canada all have to do a lot more bitching about this to politicians such as and also many others etc.etc. for real change to happen!

  5. Anne Streeter · ·

    An absolutely horrendous business! How can it be allowed!!

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