CFIA Fails yet again

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Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture

The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada has recently released a report giving the CFIA a failing grade for their inability to release information in a timely manner.


  1. Dennis Davey · ·

    This is an agency overseen by Ritz, who is truly INCOMPETENT. First Ritz must go, then one can go in and CLEAN HOUSE in the CFIA.
    This is an agency that is totally incapable of enforcing its own regulations, and this is the same agency over seeing Canadas food safety. What ever you do don’t eat meat, unless it is from a butcher you know, as there could be grave consequences. REMEMBER MAPLE LEAF and XL

  2. Mary Croft · ·

    This agency should be dismantled.
    Their ‘promises’ to improve sound hollow….mere lip service.

  3. GASafeHorses · ·

    I think they learned how to do this from BLM in USA.

  4. CASH TRANSACTIONS within the entire horse industry is more common than not.
    Of course, CANADIAN FOOD INSPECTION AGENCY fails again.

  5. Well, what else is new… CFIA does nothing better then “contradict”. Also, Ritz crackers is real good at that!
    CFIA can,t even respond in a timely matter (or NEVER do) to simple Emails, sent from concerned canadian citizens.
    Have had enough of experience and that prooves how unprofessional they are, but also “lack to the welfare of animals” and “our own health”.
    Sorry…. Theres got to be something better, something higher, something more caring, then CFIA. Gos bless Canada!

    1. Oups! (God bless Canada)

  6. Wow – the CFIA’s performance is so poor, and getting worse, that one would almost expect that it was being run by Rob Anders…..

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