CBC Update on starving horses near Orangeville, Ontario

An investigation into the condition of a herd of horses near Orangeville, ON.  The CBC’s Horse near Orangeville Nov 2012Lucy Lopez finds out what the animals’ owner has to say.



  1. Nadine Griffith · ·

    This case is very obvious. The humane society’s employee dropped the ball and didn’t follow protocol and the case was dismissed. Not because there was not a case but because our legal system gave the right to lucket and consequently took it away from the animals.
    I am regularly checking in on these animals, illegally apparently. They are emaciated, some are in critical condition. What I can do from my very limited road access for these horses is sadly so far from what they need. This situation is made even more tragic by local; in contrast to what might be arguably some of the most beautiful horse stables in Ontario being within 10 km radius.
    Please don’t let this go. I have been in touch with the humane society and hope to see some sort of resolution. If there is none made at this time the next step will be to protest this kind of mistreatment and abuse happening over such an extended period, Surely we will be able to get something done. These animals need a resolution before winter.
    If there is strength in numbers against such an injustice please add your voice. To contact me please call 519-940-1284

  2. Sally Meredith · ·

    I am aware of more than 50 individuals (including myself) that have been telephoning our local Humane Society (OSPCA) for at least the past 2 years with regard to this sickening situation. I’ve just been informed today of a very good article appearing in The Wellington Advertiser dated Dec 6th (Owner, neighbours clash over health of horses near village of Erin by Chris Daponte). In the article the OSPCA has confirmed “this is nolonger an open investigation”. Its time to let the OSPCA know this is unacceptable. They are mandated to look into neglect, starvation, cruelty and animals in distress and to take action to prevent this treatment. That does not mean they can “look” then turn their backs on the situation. They are apparently “sick of all the complaints” regarding Mr. Luckett and his horses? When will an unbiased panel of veterinarians assess the condition of these horses, on an ongoing basis? I will not be giving another cent to this useless organization as they are completely inept at what they are supposed to be doing – ensuring the welfare of animals such as the horses they are purportedly “sick of hearing complaints” about…..as for Mr. Luckett….he is no horseman. Anything else I have to say about this person would be unprintable…..
    I contacted several Tennessee Walking horse breeders in Ontario, who after viewing the first CBC video, where horrified at the poor state of the herd as seen on the video. Keep telling friends about these horses. Keep talking about them. Keep “complaining”. Put information (video, articles) on all the social media forums you can. They are still suffering…..

    1. R Perry, Hillsburgh · ·

      We have found out today that Ian Lucket was evicted from this property almost two weeks ago for not paying his rent to the property’s owner. The horses are still on the property. From a reliable source we have found out that for the last two weeks the only food the horses are being fed in three year old hay that is mostly bad. We also understand that the landlord has given Mr. Lucket until this Wednesday, January 23rd to get the horses and any of Mr. Lucket’s possesions off the property. As of this writing, we understand that Mr. Lucket has no plans to relocate the horses and seems unlikely to be able to do anything. What happens now to these poor animals especially in light of the current harsh weather conditions? The SPCA should be ashamed of their inaction.

      1. I just read your comment today Wed Jan 23rd. Are the horses still there now too

  3. Heather · ·

    I have posted a petition on Care2 Causes to the OSPCA asking them to look into this. Apparently Ian Luckett has had horses removed and charges laid back in 2008 and 2010 for neglect; unfortunately his charges were dropped and he emailed a letter to several organizations, including the OSPCA to never enter his property again.

    1. Isn’t that a lot like calling police and saying don’t come to my door with thoughts of a
      criminal code charge against me. Your not really invited. But hay, of course, I’m more than welcome to starve my horses, whats the problem? I hope one of those horses on his property has the strength to kick him good because he sure as hell needs one!

    2. jean robertson · ·

      If a person suddenly comes onto hard times, one can feel sorry that they can no longer feed their animals properly. Seems Ian Luckett has been starving his animals for at least 4 years and probably more. The OSPCA should be able to charge him as well as remove the horses from his property. Deciding to look for a job at this point just isn’t good enough.

  4. John (a concerned neighbour) · ·

    Luckett hasn’t been able to afford hay for the horses because he wouldn’t look for work. He just started working 2 weeks ago after having gotten himself into this mess and now wants to cry poor because he is lazy. Having a look at the condition of the farm further shows his lack of care towards these animals and a lack of self respect.

  5. Paul Coupland · ·

    Horses also need grain beside quality hay. Also, it was recently in the news that hay was being donated by Western Canadian Farmer to Ontario Farmers. However, it needs to be requested in order to receive it.

  6. wietrich jeannine · ·

    Qu elle honte de laisser mourir de fain ces pauvres cheveaux , dans quel monde vivons nous ?

  7. Dennis Davey · ·

    What the hell is wrong with some people in this world, and that includes the authority[ SPCA] tasked with addressing and or formally charging this IDIOT. Most ALL RESPONSIPLE people realize that IF YOU CANNOT ADEQUATELY CARE FOR AND FEED A HORSE, OR FOR THAT MATTER ANY ANIMAL YOU SHOULD NOT DAM WELL HAVE THEM. It’s bad enough these COMPANION animals are sent to be BARBARICALLY transported and slaughtered because this govt. see’s a dollar to be made on the sick tastes of some europeans. Remove these horses from this disgusting and unnecessary situation NOW, and make the IDIOT responsible for the cost of their veterinary care and feed. HOW DAM HARD IS THAT TO DO.

  8. This is willful blindness, once again by the owner and animal protection. The neighbours sticking up for Luckett are clueless about how much hay, feed, and water is required for the number of horses on the property. Jennifer Cuttin is right, the cost of hay a couple years ago wasn’t that bad and those are skinny horses.The bony looking horse pictured laying down in the CBC report, looks very dehydrated. Some farmers are just plain greedy though, and thats a fact. I know enough rich farmers that want to stay rich and wouldn’t help horses in need a few kms down the road anyway. Thats a shame.Same as racetrackers pretending horses never went to slaughter before Ontario government slot money withdrawal. Luckett, like other animal owners who deprive necessities of life should be charged. People have to face consequences for animal cruelty. If Luckett is not charged, then order should be given-rehome the horses properly or euthanize the ones in the worst health that won’t make it thru this winter.Don’t leave them to starve!

  9. Lana Marie · ·

    I am really getting FED UP & sick & tired of hearing about this guy & his total lack of CARE towards these horses!!! WHEN will the OSPCA & whomever else – that with his past this owner is a CHRONIC LIAR & NEGLECTS TO FEED HORSES PROPERLY!!!! Why the hell does someone keep horses they CAN NOT PROVIDE FOR…cause they enjoy watching them suffer??? WHY do WE allow this behavior? People in that area PROTEST & SCREAM until something is done for these horses….like REMOVED & he be BANNED from ever to have them on his property. It’s so simple he feeds them say the neighbors, BUT GUESS WHAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FOOD!!! I don’t care about his pride…remove/rehome horses. This is NOT his first rodeo as stated in the CBC report…a repeated offender!

    1. jean robertson · ·

      . It doesn’t matter how many times a day the horses are fed. The amount fed is what counts. If the owner can not afford to feed adequately the horses should be gone either given away, sold or euthanized. The spca will have to do something if the public keeps complaining otherwise they will just ignore the situation because they don’t want to seize the horses.

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