OSPCA probing horses’ health

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The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) is investigating complaints relating to the welfare of dozens of horses in Erin, but their owner feels he is being targeted unfairly.

Several local horse enthusiasts have raised alarm bells about a herd of Tennessee Walkers found in a pasture on 8th Line in Erin.

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  1. Hmmn..getting harder these days to want to give money or support some of the OSPCA employed. I definitely use the word ‘some’ because there are a few responsible caring individuals who will act to protect animals as they should. Any decent horse owner would NOT allow their herd to starve like that. Can’t help saying it again,”If you don’t want to feed it, then don’t breed it”. BMO has Mastercard for bank clients to support EFFORTS of OSPCA. I think maybe after CHIEF in the garage, MAGNOTTA’S kitten killings in the plastic bag, etc. etc. etc. perhaps the Wilkinsons, and Brad Dewar, along with the other willfully blind-should start doing their jobs properly. Lay animal cruelty charges. The CBC’s Fifth Estate could do 2013 season on backyard farm nightmares.There has always been too much unacceptable horse suffering from large scale breeders/training centers/private farms/racetrackers…..all expecting to profit from 4 legged lives created.Ontario needs improved and enforceable laws which clearly LIMIT BREEDING.

  2. Allison Nicolas · ·

    As if he thinks people want his horses for free…you can get a free horse anywhere these days!! Why would you want a free starving horse with it’s ribs showing? Like seriously!! (though I probably would take one if it needed to be rescued…but not just to get a horse for free…jeesh)

    Also, horses can live outdoors year long and don’t need barns or stalls. My horse is boarded at a beautiful facility that has an extremely large pasture that is half forested. There are some shelters set up but I never see the horses use them! They would rather gather in a herd under the trees for warmth in the winter. But that’s just it…you need a large natural area including trees and grasses…you can’t just throw the horse in a pen with absolutely no shelter and call that a good place to live. Which I’m assuming is what this guy is doing. What a jerk!

  3. Is this guy for real!!! Stating that people are complaining so they can get his horses!!!

    Meanwhile as we wait for a vet’s decision, the horses are getting thinner each day and with the cold weather coming up they may not have enough fat on their bodies to keep warm. Yes, horses will manage without blankets, but every article I have ever read, has stated that horses need shelters. In the wild you don’t see horses standing in fields in bad weather…they find shelter in the trees. The OSPCA should make sure that these horses are being fed, they shouldn’t have ANY ribs showing in winter!! I feed 3 bales a day (roughly 120 lbs) for my 3 horses so one round bale is definitely not enough for 30!! Why can’t the OSPCA, for once, figure this out for themselves and do something about it? Will it take horses dying before they act. And I am sure that if one of his horses dies he will remove it before anyone can see it.

    1. Right on, he is a sick one for sure, i have four horses and put ot three meals a day, oats, sweet feed only for the senior, he is 28 yrs old.They need shelter from the cold and heat, Hope they do stand up and do the right thing by the horses, thats the OSPCA

  4. Donikash · ·

    One round bale for 30 horses? Are you kidding? The five or six strongest are getting fed.

  5. Are the horses lying on the ground thrashing? No?
    Then they’re fine.
    Scrawny horses aren’t worth the trip to slaughter, for the KB’s. They need fattening first. This guy clearly owns far too many animals.
    I hope the OSPCA does the right thing.
    For once.

  6. If conditions are deteriorating and these horses are in bad body conditions, they need evaluations from a qualified and ethical independent vet who works in large animal care. Then if determined to be at risk, these horses need to be removed from the situation. Rescues may or may not be able to take all of them at one time. If they are to be left on the original property, independent monitors will have to be onsite to observe conditions frequently. That is expensive.
    One question crops up: are these horses being sold to slaughter? How many are on the property and why? Is this a business which operates sales or auctions? That information is good to know. We have kill buyers with AKA’s in the US who supposedly operate as trail guides or breeders with “farms” who are actually large slaughter dealers. They obtain horses and drive them to the Texas or Canada border to slaughter.
    If unknowing sellers send horses to auctions or through a fraudulent buyer, those horses may well end up dead shortly. The original sellers may never know or be able to find those pet horses again.

    1. jean robertson · ·

      The herd needs to be examined by a vet that is ethical and not a friend of the horse’s owner.
      People shouldn’t feed them over the fence because if they have nothing in their stomachs they can instant colic. The spca if they are so inclined can write up an official report ordering that the horses not be fed over the fence half starved or not.

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